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The most exciting apps from 2016

Visit the App Store for a few minutes and you can go cross-eyed from all the different options. You can sift through thousands of...
Apps December 26, 2016

Translate your conversations in real-time - It's easy!

When traveling abroad, once you've reached your destination, there's a good chance you'll run into a language barrier. This can make it especially difficult...
Apps December 23, 2016

Easily control all your gadgets from your smartphone or tablet

Have you kept up with the latest technology when it comes to home entertainment? Smart TVs, sound bars, DVD/Blu-ray players and streaming players just...
Apps December 13, 2016

Quick and convenient way to transfer files

How many of you have ever emailed a file - like a photo or a document - to your Mac from your iPhone or...
Apps December 13, 2016

Access your desktop from anywhere using your phone or tablet

Sometimes, you may want to access your desktop PC or Mac while you are away from your desk. Either at home or in the...
Apps December 12, 2016

Add fingerprint password protection to every app on your phone or tablet

Protecting the data on your smartphone is critical. But with all of the hacks out there that let snoops bypass your passcode, is there...
Apps December 12, 2016

Free voice and video calling

Wouldn't you love to make free phone calls? Of course you would. Who would say no to a cheaper phone bill?
Apps December 2, 2016

3 unexpected ways to connect with Santa this Christmas

It happens every year. The kids and grandkids are tugging on your arm, begging for a chance to meet Santa. You can stand in...
Apps December 1, 2016

MORE art filters for your photos and videos

There's a brand new app that can turn your photos and videos into masterpieces, and all it takes is a few simple taps. Give...
Apps November 7, 2016

JEOPARDY! Play America's favorite quiz game on your gadget

"I'll take great game show apps for $100, Alex." "This is the app for America's favorite quiz show, which is celebrating more than 30...
Apps October 20, 2016
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