Fun/Great Outdoors/Travel in Apps

New horoscope app powered by artificial intelligence gives you real time insight

Co-Star is an advanced horoscope on a number of levels, including how in depth it goes. It takes into account the whole sky on...
Apps October 8, 2018

Earn money and discounts by counting your steps

Rarely, if ever, are we incentivized with cash and deals in exchange for using greener transportation. Now, many of the features and benefits popular...
Apps September 4, 2018

Create fireworks on your mobile gadget

Make everyday the Fourth of July with this fun fireworks app.
Apps June 28, 2018

Swap homes for $1 a night with this new app

Yeah, traveling can be pretty expensive. Whether you are driving, flying or taking a train, you will have to pay for transportation. You will...
Apps June 9, 2018

Stargazing app millions of people are using

Have you ever looked up at the night sky just to enjoy the stars? There are so many of them, with maybe even some...
Apps June 7, 2018

Pick the best moment to capture your outdoor photos with this app

If you like exploring the great outdoors, there's nothing like documenting your adventures with the perfect landscape photo. However, capturing the best outdoor image...
Apps May 24, 2018

Skip the tourist traps and travel like a local

Everyone travels in their own way, but often the best way to get the most out of a trip is to not be a...
Apps May 24, 2018

How you can get compensated for flight delays

If you have never sat around in an airport and waited while your flight was delayed, you've never flown before. Or, maybe only flown...
Apps May 24, 2018

Must-have app if you are traveling abroad

There’s one important detail you have to keep in mind when you travel. Your U.S. dollar is not accepted everywhere. Different countries have different...
Apps May 24, 2018

Have an expert guide you through your travels with an audio tour

Traveling to a new place can be overwhelming. What landmarks should you see? What streets should you visit? What's the story behind that statue,...
Apps May 23, 2018
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