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The best alternative to Google Maps

The best alternative to Google Maps
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Do you remember life before GPS came around? It could definitely be chaotic trying to make your way around an unfamiliar city. Paper map in hand, trying to keep everyone in the car calm and doing your best to not stop and ask for directions. Ah, the good old days -- not so much.

Fortunately, those days are long gone and navigation systems are now a regular part of our lives. You don't even need to buy a GPS unit for your vehicle, just use the native navigation app on your device or download a different one from an app store and you're all set.

But which navigation app should you choose? Many people would say Google Maps, which is a fine choice. However, I think you'll really like this alternative that's very helpful and easy to use.

Is there a better navigation app than Google Maps?

While Google Maps has many features that will help you navigate through life, the Waze app is something worth looking into.

Acquired by Google in 2013 for $1.3 billion, Waze is a crowdsourced GPS navigation app that pulls data and information from other Waze users to show you where the worst traffic jams, crashes, and other obstacles are. If you know where the accidents are, you can successfully avoid them.

Not only does Waze recognize your favorite routes and automatically give you a traffic report, but it also has a helpful feature that allows you to share your routes with other Waze users. You can easily keep track of friends and family members by sharing your routes on Waze.


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Low on gas? No problem, Waze can also tell you where the cheapest gas is near you so you won't run out while getting the best deal around.

Why switch to Waze?

In some countries, Waze is more effective than other navigational apps, because it relies on residents and travelers to develop its data. This can be essential for travelers who may find themselves confused by a foreign street system.


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With Waze, addresses and major landmarks can be easier to find. Especially in infamously difficult places like Africa and Central America.

Here are some Waze features you should know:

  • See what's happing in the area - Get alerts about traffic, police, hazards and help alert other drivers
  • Find the quickest route - You'll receive instant routing changes that help avoid traffic jams to save you time
  • Plan ahead - Waze lets you know when you'll arrive at your destination based on live traffic information
  • Save money - With Waze, you'll find the cheapest gas along your route

The Waze app is available for free on both Apple and Android gadgets. To get the app, follow the appropriate link we've provided below inside the blue boxes.

Or, tap or click here for iOS. For Android, click or tap here.

3 map apps that are better than Google if you have multiple stops

You'll find great apps for both Apple and Android to give you optimal routes, whether you are a commuter, traveler, truck driver, RV enthusiast or taxi mom or dad. These three apps are alternatives to Google Maps that may even be better because they're easier to set up and use.

Tap or click for descriptions, pricing and video previews of these navigation apps.

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