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Dating app for dog lovers

Dating app for dog lovers
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What can we say about apps? They're fun, they're helpful and they tend to make life easier. It seems we've reached the point where there's an app for pretty much anything and everything you can think of.

Forgot where you parked your car? There's an app for that. Want to know how many steps you take in a day? There's an app for that.

Want to go on a date with someone who shares your love for dogs? Yes, there's even an app for that.

What is Dig?

That's right. Recently on the show, Kim spoke to the developer of a new dating app called, 'Dig.' It's specially made for dog lovers who are looking for love. Now, there are countless dating apps available, but I think we can agree that this one is a much different breed.

First launched on Valentine's Day in NYC, Dig is focused on a very special and specific part of dating. Dubbed a dog person's dating app, Dig connects people by the different physical traits and breeds of their dogs. According to the creators of the app, you can tell a lot about a person based on the kind of dog they own.

The app was created by sisters Leigh and Casey Isaacson, who actually told Kim the story about how the idea first came about. They believe that being a dog lover/owner isn't just another box to check off on a list of traits.

Casey herself is a dog lover/owner and was dating a guy who was neither but trying to be one for her. The relationship began to falter when she realized he was not too fond of having her dog around. Especially in his apartment.

If only she had known this about him before they started dating. After telling her sister the story, they had an idea for an app that could help avoid this kind of dilemma. Not long after, Dig was born!

How does it work?

Whether you're a dog lover or a dog owner, Dig looks to reduce the potential for frustration by slowing things down a bit. Unlike your average dating app, profile pics feature dogs or owners posing with their dogs, which may be more enjoyable than scrolling through endless pictures of people.

Once you've logged into the app, you are given potential matches divided up into five groups and you indicate your level of interest for each one. You can choose to "Dig" them, "Really Dig" them, or pass on them. If two people “Dig” each other, the app will provide a list of dog-friendly outings and date locations nearby, such as a park or brewery.

Both the users and creators of this app believe that by sharing this one common interest, people are more likely to find their best match. Having dogs as the ice-breaker takes the pressure off meeting someone new and immediately gives you something to talk about. Why? Because you both love dogs.

You can get the free app for both Apple and Android devices. Simply tap or click the appropriate link inside the blue buttons below.

Or, tap or click here to download Dig for iOS. Tap or click here to download Dig for Android.

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