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How to set up your Android to help you sleep better

How to set up your Android to help you sleep better
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Do you wake up in the morning and feel like you didn’t sleep a wink? Do you trudge through the day tired, crabby, and can’t focus on the task at hand or have trouble remembering things? At one time or another, we have all been there, done that.

While you may think these symptoms of sleep deprivation are minor, loss of sleep over extended periods can lead to significant health issues, including a higher risk for cardiovascular, and coronary heart disease and depression. Worse yet, statistics show around 2.5% of all fatal crashes on the roadways are related to drowsy driving.

Do yourself a favor, don’t become a statistic, get enough rest every night. How can you ensure that you achieve adequate sleep? There are a few habits you should practice and an Android app that can help you realize sleep nirvana. Let’s check out how you can feel and look your best simply by getting the zzz’s your body needs.

Healthy habits for a good night’s rest

Medical experts agree there are steps you can take to help ensure you attain adequate sleep every night. Notable ones include:

  • Don’t eat a large meal before bedtime.
  • Avoid nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol late in the day.
  • Refrain from using electronics prior to sleeping.
  • Ensure your bedroom is free of outside light and noise.
  • Adjust bedroom temperature if you find yourself too warm at night.

SleepyTime: Bedtime Calculator app

If you practice healthy bedtime habits, and still arise in the morning feeling exhausted, it could be a result of waking up during one of the many roughly 90-minute sleep cycles you go through during slumber.

Moreover, because the body repairs itself during sleep, it is essential that each cycle is complete before waking. When a cycle is interrupted by wakefulness, you will feel groggy and out-of-sorts throughout your day.


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Designed to help you wake up between sleep cycles, the free (contains ads) SleepyTime app for Android calculates when those critical times are based on when you go to bed and when you wake up. In addition to those numbers, this app includes the time it takes for you to fall asleep in its calculations.

Although the default for this setting is an average of 14 minutes, it can be adjusted in options. Based on your input, SleepyTime will provide you a list of the best times to fall asleep, along with how many sleep cycles you will experience.

You have the option of a light or dark theme and can set the alarm for when you need to go to bed for optimal sleep. Want to remove ads? Go for the SleepyTime Plus for 99 cents.

Tap or click here to get the SleepyTime: Bedtime Calculator app for Android from the Google Play Store.


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