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Call, text, email - safely and privately!

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Call, text, email - safely and privately!

Remember the good old days, when our phone calls and letters were private and the world seemed like a safe place? It wasn't all that long ago, yet it certainly doesn't seem that way.

Technology did plenty to change all that, and while there are a good many benefits to the advancements that have come over the last handful of decades, there are also some downsides. Nowhere is that more evident than with the internet.

For better or worse, the digital age and internet have changed the way society functions, to the point where now it's difficult to imagine life being any other way. But as great as it is, living a digital life has created a slew of new problems and issues we all have to deal with.

But what if you could do things like call, text and email with complete privacy? Sounds good, right? Now add the ability to search, shop, sell and socialize online -- all still 100 percent secure -- and you would have our sponsor, MySudo.

What is MySudo?

MySudo is an iOS app that allows you to create temporary, permanent or anonymous identities, giving you a digital extension that will protect your personal and private information from the rest of the online world. Strangers, scammers, hackers, corporations, companies will be left in the dark as you enjoy the spoils of being online.

The app allows you to create an identity for every aspect of your life, with each of them coming with a customizable name, email and phone number. Temporary, permanent or anonymous Sudo identities are a digital extension of you that shields your personally identifiable information from strangers, corporations and the rest of the online world.

Your Sudo avatar will provide the ability to call, text and email whoever you want, all over the world. So feel free to do all of that as well as enjoy the internet with the peace of mind we should all have online.

All of it is done without sharing any of your personal information -- not even with MySudo! And with hack-proof email and end-to-end encryption, you will not need to worry about anyone reading or listening without your knowledge.

Normally this kind of online privacy would cost something, but it is totally free if the person on the receiving end of your texts, calls and emails also has MySudo. You can also use it to reach out to friends and family who do not have the app, though that requires the purchase of a paid plan.

There are multiple plans to choose from

If you feel private, secure calling, texting and emailing is for you, then you may be interested in one of the three plans that MySudo offers. They are as follows:

1. SudoGo, which provides one phone number, 30 SudoOut minutes, 100 SudoOut messages and 1GB of email storage.

2. SudoPro, which gives you three phone numbers, 300 SudoOut minutes, 500 SudoOut messages and 5GB of email storage.

3. SudoMax, which is three phone numbers with unlimited SudoOut Minutes and messages along with 20GB of email storage. All SudoMax plans also come with eight free number resets, which is about an $8 value.

Which one sounds good to you? We should probably tell you that by clicking this link, your first 30 days of MySudo will be free!

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