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Surf the net privately and securely

Presented by F-Secure FREEDOME VPN - Your online privacy protected.
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Surf the net privately and securely
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It's a scary world out there. Cybercriminals are relentless when it comes to ripping us off. They will use every trick in the book to steal your credentials, account information and money.

Things are particularly frightening when you're out and about and connect your gadget to public Wi-Fi. That's because if you browse the internet on public Wi-Fi, everything you do will be exposed. A criminal could infect your device with malware, or even trick you into handing over sensitive information like passwords to your online accounts.

Which is why it's critical that you use a virtual private network (VPN) when in public. It's a good idea to use one at home, too.

With a VPN, your gadget's IP address is hidden from websites and services that you visit, and you're able to browse anonymously. Web traffic is also encrypted, meaning not even your internet service provider can see your online activity.

We recommend FREEDOME VPN brought to you by our sponsor F-Secure.

Click here to learn more about FREEDOME VPN and get a 5-day free trial plus 25% OFF.

When choosing a VPN, you need to trust the provider to respect your privacy. This is one thing that helps set FREEDOME VPN apart from all the rest. F-Secure is a publicly listed computer security company with a 30-year spotless track record of protecting its customers and respecting their privacy.

People love FREEDOME VPN because it is exceptionally easy to install and use. Just one push of a button and your privacy is protected. It's also super fast and has unlimited bandwidth.

Here are some of its features:

  • Surf safe and untracked - It blocks unwanted third-party tracking and malicious sites. This will also stop advertisers from making money at the expense of your privacy.
  • Wi-Fi security - Even on unsecured public Wi-Fi, your traffic is encrypted and impossible to intercept.
  • Easy to use - FREEDOME VPN has been designed with ease of use in mind. Anyone can use it as a personal proxy or as a no-ads VPN.
  • Unlimited bandwidth - This means all your data stays private and you don't have to worry about bandwidth limits when connecting to unsafe hotspots.

Try FREEDOME VPN for free for five days. No signup or credit card details are required. You will also get 20 percent off with discount code KIM at checkout.

Simply download the app for iOS or Android, we've provided the links below inside the blue boxes. If you want to use FREEDOME VPN on your home computer you can do that too, we've provided links for Windows and Mac also. Scroll near the bottom of the page after clicking the link and you will find the download links.

Click here to learn more about FREEDOME VPN and get a 5-day free trial plus 25% OFF.

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