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5 amazing football apps you need in your life

5 amazing football apps you need in your life
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We’re not only getting into one of the best times of the year — the fall season — but we’re also getting into football season!

Many of you enjoy kicking back in your favorite chair, watching National Football League (NFL) games on your big screen TV. But some of you don’t stop there. You’re scoring big by finding additional options for viewing a game.

One way is through using a second screen. In fact, the NFL says 70 percent of fans have a second screen, usually a mobile phone when watching a game.

The football apps that run on cellphones give easy access to player stats and even analysis. There are even interactive features and a way to communicate with other fans watching the game.

Below are five apps that provide great second-screen options. So grab some snacks, sit back and start researching and downloading apps that you think will be a touchdown!

1. NFL Mobile

The NFL decided a couple of years ago to compete with Verizon and come up with its own version of a second screen. While the NFL offered many choices, NFL Mobile remains the league’s favorite app.

The free app gives you access to information such as news, real-time scoring, radio broadcasts, push notifications and video highlights. You also get access to the NFL’s on-demand video subscription service, Game Pass. However, you’ll have to pass $100 over and you won’t have access to games until after they’ve aired. But you will be able to replay any of the 256 match-ups of the season on your mobile phone.

Even more perks come with the app if you’re a Verizon customer. The More Everything plan gets you round-the-clock access to the NFL network on your phone. You can even livestream all broadcast games nationally on designated channels. And the NFL Mobile’s at-a-glance recap is great in case you miss a game and want to catch up.

It’s available on iOS, Android and Windows phones.

2. ESPN Fantasy Sports

Yes, even ESPN has their own Fantasy Sports app that provides every tool you need to follow teams.

The free ESPN Fantasy Sports app allows you to be up close and personal with your ESPN fantasy team. You can start, bench, add, drop, trade and waive players. It basically lets you manage your roster right up until game day.

Fantasycast lets you stay updated on your fantasy players’ scoring in real time and gives you push alerts to injuries, trades and other player news.

The app is available for iOS and Android phones.

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