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Best Siri alternative for when you need answers fast

Best Siri alternative for when you need answers fast
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If you have joined the world of voice-activated virtual assistants, you're probably wondering how we ever survived without them. Can you imagine trying to find a restaurant in an unfamiliar city without asking your smartphone for directions ever again? What a terrifying thought.

Getting directions by voice command is super helpful, but virtual assistants can do so much more. You can tell them to play music, get recipes for dinner, control your smart appliances and many other tasks.

There are several virtual assistants to choose from. Apple has Siri, Amazon has Alexa and now Google has its own version.

The great thing about Google Assistant is you don't even need to purchase a dedicated device like Amazon's Echo or Dot. It's available as an app and it can even be downloaded for Apple gadgets. You can use it with a Google Home device, on your phone, on your smartwatch and soon on your TV.

Here are some of Google Assistant's features:

  • Make phone calls with voice command: "Call Dad."
  • Send text messages: "Text Francis."
  • Send emails: "Email Laura changes to Friday's news."
  • Set reminders: "Remind me to pick up Jeff from the airport Saturday at 5 p.m."
  • Set calendar events: "Set a calendar event for lunch with Kelli tomorrow from 1-2."
  • Play music: "Play grunge music on YouTube."
  • Navigation tool: "Get me directions to Disneyland."
  • Ask anything: "Is it going to snow today?"

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The Google Assistant app is available for free on both Android and Apple gadgets. It already comes built-in on eligible Android phones, just touch and hold the home button and Google Assistant is ready to help.

To download the app for your Apple gadget, click the link we've provided below in the blue box. Or simply click here to go to the download page for iOS devices.

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