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New way to buy and sell used cars

New way to buy and sell used cars
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Have you been thinking about buying a used car lately? Maybe it's time to get yourself a new set of wheels but aren't sure where to begin.

Many people dread going to car dealerships to find their next vehicle. Salespeople can be intimidating and some are just downright pushy. Face it, most of them are working on commission, so getting you to sign on the dotted line is their number one goal.

Some might turn to a website like Craigslist. But with all the scammers targeting Craigslist users, your safety could be at risk. There has to be a better way.

That's where the Shift app comes into play.

Shift is a listing service based in California that facilitates used car transactions between private party sellers and buyers. The buyers are still purchasing directly from the owner.

Some features of the Shift app are:

  • Buying a car - You are able to browse the best used cars in your area. You can even sign up to get notified on new listings that match your criteria.
  • Test drive from home - A Shift "Car Enthusiast" will bring cars right to your work or home for free when you request a test drive.
  • Selling a car - By selling your used car through Shift, you can potentially get thousands more than if you were to trade it in with a dealer. Just schedule an evaluation from your phone and Shift takes care of the rest and you'll get an instant estimate of the value of your vehicle. Shift helps you find a buyer and takes care of all the paperwork for you.

Cars that are listed on the app are shown in high-resolution photos and you'll see the cars' specs and history. Shift's mechanics also complete a 200-point inspection on each vehicle before they are listed, giving you peace of mind knowing the health of the car before you buy.

The app's platform tracks millions of data points on past and current car prices. It then suggests listing prices to sellers, resulting in honest and informed prices. Your Car Enthusiast can even help you with financing options.

The Shift app is free and only available for Apple's iOS. Its vehicle listings are currently available in Los Angeles, Orange County, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

Click the link we've provided below in the blue box to download the app from Apple's App Store.

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