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Easiest way to scan and save your old photos

Easiest way to scan and save your old photos
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Remember the days when the only way to capture a moment was with cameras that required film. To get your photos, you had to make a trip down to your local photo developing center, or develop them yourself.

But, in the end, you had a physical photograph that you could show off in a scrapbook or family album. That was great unless something happened that caused the photos to be lost in a fire, flood or another type of disaster.

While we're still fans of photos you can frame and display, you know what they say: "Never put all of your eggs in one basket."

The truth is, it doesn't hurt to have a digital version of your photos too. But scanning them individually can be a hassle.

An app called PhotoScan by Google Photos takes the legwork out of this process. Creating a digital archive is as easy as taking a photo with your camera. But the app goes beyond taking a basic picture.


Built-in features will automatically rotate, crop and enhance your photos. The app will even eliminate any glare that would otherwise show up.

Scanning each photo takes only a few seconds, and the app walks you through the entire process. Then, once your photos have been digitalized, you can easily organize them with Google Photos.

PhotoScan by Google Photos is a free download for both Apple and Android devices. Try it out! You'll find it by clicking on the blue buttons below.

Bonus: Fastest photo scanner in the world

In the Komando offices, we trust Epson for all of our scanning and printing needs. Their FastFoto High-Speed Photo Scanning System can scan thousands of photos at a rate of one photo per second (at 300 dpi), making it the fastest photo scanner in the world. You can use it to restore old photos, organize your collection, and share the memories on social media. Click here to learn more about the Epson FastFoto Photo scanner.

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