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3 unexpected ways to connect with Santa this Christmas

3 unexpected ways to connect with Santa this Christmas
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Your kids or grandchildren are probably already super excited about Christmas. It was always my favorite holiday when I was a child. There wasn't anything more thrilling than running downstairs first thing Christmas morning to see if Santa Claus had paid a visit.

If you know someone who can't wait for Santa to visit, there are ways to reach him ahead of time.

That's right, there are apps that will put your loved one in contact with Santa Claus himself. Here are a few apps that will help bring out that Christmas spirit.

1. A Call From Santa!

What could be more exciting for a child than getting a phone call from Santa? I can't think of anything.

A Call From Santa for iOS gives you the chance to amaze your children by requesting a free personalized phone call from St. Nick himself. Santa can mention your child's name, age and interests during the call if you'd like. You can receive unlimited calls for free.

Your children can also call Santa and leave him a voicemail, or send Santa Claus a text message. Santa will reply instantly.

For Android users, click here to get the A Call From Santa app.

2. Personalized Video From Santa

Technology keeps getting better and better. With apps like FaceTime and Skype, we can have face-to-face conversations with anyone from almost anywhere in the world. Santa Claus has kept up with the times.

Personalized Video From Santa for iOS lets your loved one receive a special video message from the jolly old elf. Imagine your loved one's expression when they get a personalized video from Santa. Priceless!

The free app includes one free video. You may purchase additional videos for $5 each if you'd like. Video processing can take from one to three hours.

For Android users, click here for the Personalized Video From Santa app.

3. Video Call Santa

Wouldn't it be great knowing what your children or grandchildren want for Christmas without having to ask them directly?

Video Call Santa for iOS features a fun tool for your loved ones to talk with pre-recorded Santa on video call. You can then watch the video recordings of the conversations and find out what gifts they asked for. Video-recorded conversations are yours to save to your camera roll or to share via social networking sites.

The app is free and can connect you with Santa right away or set up a time you want to receive a call.

For Android users, click here to get the Video Call Santa app.

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