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3 apps to help you manage all of your prescriptions

3 apps to help you manage all of your prescriptions
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Almost 60 percent of adults in the United States are taking prescription drugs. Whether it's antidepressants, medication for diabetes or heart condition treatments, prescription pills are just a few of the most common remedies we turn to in this country.

That being said, for some, staying on top of a prescription drug schedule can be a very difficult task. If you take more than one pill a day, keeping track of which pill you take - and when -  can be tough, even with a fancy pill organization holder. And then there's the task of trying to save money on expensive medicines by shopping around and comparing prices.

But don't worry, there are more than enough apps out there that can help you or a family member, keep everything straight and organized, and hopefully save you some money.

Here are our picks for apps that can help you manage all of your prescriptions, from getting reminders to take your pills, to apps that compare prices for you to help you get the lowest price.

Medisafe - to manage your medications

The Medisafe app for both Apple and Android devices helps you manage all of your medications and refills, and helps you keep track of doctors' appointments, too.

Set reminders by adding your medication to your personalized list and tell the app how often you are supposed to take each pill. When the time comes, you'll be alerted, so you never miss a pill again. Or, if you forget to take a pill, you have the option for a family member or emergency contact to be notified. This way, they can check in and make sure everything is ok.

Better yet, the Medisafe app has fun with its alerts. You can set the app to alert you as Morgan Freeman, Barack Obama, Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton, characters from "South Park," Elsa from "Frozen," Darth Vader, or Austin Powers.

GoodRX to get the lowest prices

We shop around to get the best price for gas, cars and electronics, so why not do the same with your expensive prescriptions? Think of the GoodRX app as the GasBuddy of prescriptions. Enter your city and the name of the medication you need and you instantly see the cost at all nearby stores.

You can check prices for one medication, or find the pharmacy where you’ll save the most money on all your prescriptions combined. The app offers coupons on some medications and refill reminder alerts are handy. The next time you’re going to the pharmacy, price shop first before you leave your house. GoodRX is free for both iOS and Android.

PillPack - have prescriptions delivered to your door

PillPack is a full-fledged, licensed pharmacy that will mail your prescription refills every month. Better yet, it will package your pills up nicely in pre-sorted and personalized packages. Now, all of the pills you are supposed to take on Monday are in one baggie, Tuesday is in another. This way, you won't accidentally take a wrong dosage or have to mess with those bulky plastic pill holders.

Your personalized pill pack will also come with a colorful chart that will show you a photo of each pill, along with dose instructions and any other relevant information you need to know.

Better yet, when it comes time for placing an order for your refill, PillPack has you covered. When set correctly, it can notify and coordinate with your doctors and insurance company so you don't have to.

The only fee is your standard co-pay amount for medication. Customer service is also available 24/7. Get the iOS app here. An Android app is currently in the works.

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