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Secrets to make flying better

Secrets to make flying better
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Airports can get a little crazy. They're crowded, and travelers can be really cranky. There are lots of lines to stand in, lots of ways to get lost ... all in all, there are lots of ways to become exhausted. Luckily, you can use your smartphone to help get rid of the brunt of these problems.

From finding the best seat on the plane, finding the best airport lounges, ways to skip lines and ways to fight jet lag, we've got four apps you'll want to check out before you head to the airport.

Lounge Buddy

Most airlines recommend that you arrive at the airport 2 to 4 hours early. This means that once you've arrived at your gate, you'll probably have some time on your hands. Sure, you can pass the time sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with complete strangers and rowdy kids. Or, you can head to the sky lounge. Your pick.

We're guessing you'd prefer the latter. Any stressed-out traveler would. That's why you'll need the LoungeBuddy app. LoungeBuddy makes it possible for travelers to view, book and access airport lounges around the world. Whether you're a casual traveler in economy, or a seasoned elite road warrior, LoungeBuddy will help you make the most of your time at the airport.

LoungeBuddy finds and compares lounges, and provides you with all the information you need. You just create a trip, share any elite statuses, memberships, or premium credit cards you may have and the app does the rest.

Seat Guru

Finding a cheap flight for your upcoming vacation is important, but so is your comfort. You don't want to spend hours with no leg room, getting bumped by people moving around or hearing a bathroom door slam closed over and over again.

That's where SeatGuru really shines. It has detailed cabin maps for more than 700 planes across 100 airlines. Based on those seating maps and 45,000+ passenger reviews, you can find the best seat on any airplane.

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