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Never pay another late fee

Never pay another late fee

There are few things as frustrating as late fees. And, let's face it, you probably pay them all the time.

Whether you notice it or not, your cellphone company is probably charging you late fees. Your cable TV or satellite TV provider is, too. Your gas company, credit cards, your mortgage lender and your property management company are all slapping late fees onto your bills.

Even if you're just a day or two past the due date, you'll get nailed. You may not realize it because those payments are buried in your bill. Plus, if you pay bills online or with a smartphone app, odds are you're not looking at each charge that you rack up.

You could be paying $100 or more in late fees and other charges every month. Which is irritating. It's also unnecessary, thanks to financial planning apps, like the free Prism Bills & Money.

You just input the account numbers for your credit cards and other bills, then input your banking information. Prism will automatically remind you when each bill is due.

You can still pay your bills as you normally do, whether it's every weekend or once a month. With Prism, you can check your bank balance, then pay bills from your bank account, debit card, or credit card.

But if a bill falls through the cracks, Prism will send you an alert that it's due. Just check your balances, to make sure you have enough money to cover it, then pay your bill from your Prism app. You won't be paying late fees anymore.

Prism works with thousands of banks, most credit cards, cellphone companies, streaming media services, cable TV and satellite TV providers, and more.

Note: If you're worried about sharing all your financial information with a smartphone app, you should be. Cybercriminals steal billions of dollars from people just like you every year. Plus, the average American company loses about $15.4 million each year from cybercrime, according to CNN Money.

Fortunately, Prism Bills & Money has your security in mind. It secures your information behind bank-level encryption, which scrambles your information and hides it behind a password.

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