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Keep tabs on your stocks with an app that sends real-time alerts

They don't call it "playing the stock market" for no reason. With the constant ups and downs on Wall Street, it's really hard to keep track of investments. So how do you know where to put your hard-earned cash? It's a tough decision.

Yes, there are financial advisors, but do they really have your best interest at heart? Most make their money off of commissions from each trade, whether that trade makes you money or not.

For most of us, though, the stock market may as well be considered a different language. We hear people say "Nasdaq" and "Dow" and "bull market," and our heads start to spin. We wonder: Isn't there an easier way to keep it all straight? And actually, there is.

If you invest in the stock market, whether through individual trading or simply your company 401(k), you need the app Seeking Alpha. It's an app that keeps you informed about your stocks by sending your real-time alerts.

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The app was designed by Seeking Alpha Ltd., a company that educates investors on market trends to help them make smart investment decisions. They are a community of contributors that analyze shifts on Wall Street, and their extensive collection of articles can be found at seekingalpha.com.

We're not saying that every investor should ditch their finance advisor and go at it alone. However, we are saying that every investor should do some homework on their own, rather than just take someone else's word for it.

Users of the app won't find themselves overwhelmed by updates on every stock and bond out there. Instead, you can set your preferences to monitor only what interests you. In most cases, this will consist of items in your own investment portfolio, but you can monitor other investment opportunities as well. That way, you know when share prices are up and when they're down. In other words, you'll know the best times to buy and sell.

Seeking Alpha is a free download for both Apple and Android users. Click the blue buttons below for download instructions.

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