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Be your own travel agent with this all-inclusive app

Remember the days when you used to call your travel agent whenever you wanted to take a trip? They hunted for discounted tickets for flights and hotels, booked events in the city, and generally took the stress out of the whole experience.

But, then they sent over an invoice. So how much did you really save? Could you have done the same thing yourself? Now you can try your hand at being your own travel agent, without the added expense.

Trip Advisor helps you find cheap flights and great deals on hotel rooms. Plus, it finds amazing restaurants, fun attractions and exciting things to do in the city you'll be visiting.

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One advantage of using the app is that it gives you access to millions of traveler reviews and photos. This lets you know what to expect when you visit each place you've selected. It's particularly helpful when choosing restaurants, and once you've decided where you'd like to dine, you can even reserve a table.

If you're a frequent traveler, you might be accustomed to finding your way around a new city. But if you're not, TripAdvisor gives you access to user forums where you can post questions and get answers from other travelers.

When using the app, you won't need to carry around a bulky map, or stop all the time to ask for directions. The maps feature in the app gives you access to city maps for free. Plus, it only uses GPS when necessary, which saves battery life and helps you avoid data roaming charges from your cell carrier.

Give it a try and see what you think. You might decide to go back to your travel agent, which is fine, or you might discover a new way to plan your trip.

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