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Get your brain in tip-top shape

Get your brain in tip-top shape

As the body ages, the brain naturally starts to slow down a bit. Things you used to know in a split-second take a bit longer to recall. Learning new information might not be as easy as it once was.

Fortunately, there are ways to slow or even reverse this frustrating situation. Recent studies show that you can stay sharp by exercising your brain with games and puzzles. These don't have to be that hard, just a bit challenging. Of course, to stay challenging you need to tackle new puzzles and games every so often.

That's why we want to share the Peak app with you. It will help you flex your memory muscles and keep your brain in peak condition, get it?

Each day, Peak will have six new puzzles for you to complete. Think of it as your daily exercise for your brain. These puzzles were created in part by experts in cognitive science from some of the best universities around the country, like Yale and Cambridge. They'll help you improve your mind in the areas of memory, attention, problem solving, mental agility, language, creativity and emotion control.

To get started you will need to create a free account, either with an email address or with your Facebook credentials. Next you will be asked to complete an assessment test. These games are number games, word games, puzzles, mazes, memory games and more.

See your brain map and compare it to others your age, others in your profession, or against your Facebook friends who also use the Peak app.

The app suggests that you do the workouts at least five times a week. At the end of your exercise, you can set the app to remind you when it's time to exercise your brain again.

If you want to play more than the six daily puzzles, you will need to upgrade to a paid account. Monthly memberships are $5, a yearly membership is currently $2.92, or you can pay $99 for a lifetime subscription.

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