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What should you watch on Netflix?

What should you watch on Netflix?

We've all been there. Endlessly scrolling through what seems like millions of movies and TV shows on Netflix, trying to figure out what to watch. You could easily spend more time trying to decide what to watch as you do actually watching the program! I know it's happened to me more than once.

Now there's a much-needed solution that can help you figure out what you want to watch. The app is called "What is on Netflix?" (aka Wioflix) and it gathers ratings and reviews from the most trusted movie resources - IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic - to help you find exactly what you are in the mood for.

By pulling data from these sites, Wioflix can show you the highest-rated movies and TV shows that you might enjoy. You can narrow down the results by movies or TV shows, sort by genre or, view results by the individual site. Or if you want to leave your Netflix experience up to chance, you can tell Wioflix to pick you a title at random.

Using the app
There are two icons you will be using with Wioflix. One to choose your critic site and one to filter your results. They will look like this:


The slider icon will narrow your results by critic site, and the filter will narrow down choices down by type, category or genre. Next, you'll see the top-rated choices for your criteria. Hopefully there's something there that sparks your interest. If there's not, you can ask Wioflix to pick a movie at random for you. Tap the slider icon, and under the Personalized tab, you'll see "Random Pick." Tap that and see what Wioflix comes up with.

Just the other day, I had no idea what to watch, so I gave this app a try. "Forrest Gump," was at the top of my personalized list. I haven't seen that movie in a while, so on it went, and I cried like I do every single time I watch that movie. Thanks a lot Wioflix. :) See how great Wioflix can be?

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