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Hilarious new weather app to make you happy when it rains

Hilarious new weather app to make you happy when it rains
Funny or Die

If you're anything like me, you use the built-in weather app on your phone every single day. Simply put, it's an essential.

But sometimes, the built-in weather apps on your phone or tablet leave room for improvement. That's why I've shown you alternate weather apps in the past. While those options provide you with a more comprehensive look at the weather, there's still something that's missing.

I've shown you some pretty funny weather forecasts in the past, too. From the forecast in Middle Earth and the doomsday weatherman to this amazing kid, it's an added bonus when the weather reports make you smile.

Add some dry humor to the dry weather this summer with the Funny or Die Weather app. You might recognize Funny or Die as the home to online comedy videos, co-created by Will Farrell. It was a surprise move by the comedy site, but then again, when it comes to Will Farrell, nothing should surprise you.

Not only does this app give you the weather forecast for the next five days, it tells you the barometric pressure, humidity levels, the UV index, wind speed and direction, and also gives you information on sunrise and sunset times, moon phases and tides.

But here's why the Funny or Die Weather app is unique - it provides you with sarcasm and jokes, like this fun weather fact of the day: "No one knows what a barometer is" and "The humidity of water is very high."

Better yet, when you see a joke like this that you have to pass along, click the share button underneath it to share it with your friends, family, or social networks.

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