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Komando On Demand podcasts with this Android player

Komando On Demand podcasts with this Android player

Now you can listen to Kim Komando on the go with FREE Podcasts that keep you up to date with the best of today's digital lifestyle. Komando On Demand podcasts are audio recordings of Kim’s tips, advice and news, ready for you to listen to any time on just about any Android smartphone or tablet. New episodes are available every Wednesday and Saturday.

To listen to Komando On Demand podcasts on your Android smartphone or tablet, you'll need a podcast app. A podcast app helps you find podcasts you want (like mine!), allows you to "subscribe" to the podcast and then automatically downloads new episodes when they are ready. With a podcast app subscribed to Komando On Demand, you'll always have the latest episodes ready for listening on your Android gadget anytime, anywhere.

A good Android podcast app is BeyondPod. It is easy to install, easy to use and is completely free.

The first step to subscribing and listening to Komando On Demand is to get BeyondPod from the blue "Download for Android" button below.

  1. Download the BeyondPod app from Google PlayStore on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Open the App and Click on the MENU Dots (3 dots in corner)
  3. Select Search and type 'Kim Komando'
  4. Click "subscribe" next to Komando on Demand
  5. Add to a Category or click + New Category and Label “Kim Komando” Then select new Category
  6. Refresh
  7. Select episode and play.

There are a lot of controls for how BeyondPod downloads and stores podcasts. Tap the icon with the three horizontal lines in the upper-left corner and then choose "Settings." Under General Settings>>Feed Defaults you can choose how BeyondPod handles new episodes (the default is to download automatically), how many episodes to download at once (the default is 1) and how many episodes of each podcast to keep at once (the default is 5). If you want to avoid running out of space, you can set that last one lower.

Or you can go back to the main Settings page and go to Playlist Settings>>After Playing and change it to "Delete and Play Next." That deletes podcasts after you're done listening.

From the main Settings page, you can also change Player Settings>>Streaming Preferences to "Wi-Fi Only" to avoid streaming audio over cellular. You can even go to "Feed Update Settings" and turn on "Download on WiFi Only" to prevent BeyondPod from downloading episodes using your cellular plan.

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