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Wireless charging is finally in your car – Here’s what you need to get started

Are you still buying gas station charging cables for your phone? Stop plugging it into the cigarette lighter and leaning it in the console (we all know it will slip between the seats anyway).

Magnetic-safe wireless charging is finally here for your car. Keep your battery full, your eyes on the road and charge smarter without dropping your phone. Here are our top picks.

Anker MagGo magnetic wireless phone charger

Anker is the best mid-tier brand, bringing quality and cost-effectiveness into its products. This wireless charger runs on a five-foot cable included in the package, so you don’t have to worry about running out of slack when you plug it in.

While this charger is designed to work with iPhones, you also get a plug-in dual-USB port charger for Android devices. The strong magnetic pull and durable arm ensure your phone isn’t going anywhere until you’re ready to remove it.

How many different kinds of chargers and plugs do you have for your devices? We have good news! Chargers and cord frustration will be over soon.

CHGeek FastCharge phone mount (Android and iPhone)

While CHGeek may not be as well-known as Anker, this charger works for iPhone and Android devices. If you ever make an OS switch, you can still use this charger without worry.

The dashboard mounting option is simple. The arms have a clamp, and the charging rate of 15W means you won’t have to worry about overcharging your battery during short trips. It’s the quickest, most versatile way to charge your phone while you drive.

Mukiya adjustable auto-aligning magnetic phone charger for your car (for iPhone users)

While vent clips aren’t the most exciting way to mount a phone in your car, they’re certainly effective. Mukiya offers a decent charging time and an optional (more expensive) dash mount if that’s what you prefer.

Use a USB-C cable to connect the charger to the power source and utilize the 360-degree rotation to position your phone for directions or other helpful driving applications. While this isn’t as fast as the other brands we’ve discussed, it gets the job done without breaking the bank.

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