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winter car accessories

Best car accessories you need for this winter

No matter the season, cold weather is never kind to your car. When ice, slush and snow storms come around, your vehicle suffers. These accessories make it easier to maintain your ride and keep it clean.

PIC Auto high-back waterproof seat covers

Mats are great for the floor, but nobody remembers checking on their seats. These winter covers provide a nice waterproof layer, so you don’t soak the seats and ruin them. They fit most car, truck and SUV seats. With a stretchy elastic edge, these are simple to affix to any car seat in under a minute.

Magnetic windshield cover

What if you want to avoid snow on your windshield? That’s what this magnetic windshield cover helps with. Add the windshield cover, let the magnets connect to your car’s frame, then pull it off when you’re ready to drive to remove the accumulated snow. Fold it up, put it in the trunk and you’re off to work faster than ever.

Windshield de-icing spray

Not a fan of scraping ice off your windshield? We don’t blame you. This de-icing spray melts the frost on your windshield in seconds, clearing them up entirely. It’s straightforward, saves you time (and gets you in the car faster so you can warm up).

KAFEEK microfiber steering wheel cover

Who likes cold hands? Nobody! Instead of touching cold plastic or leather, stretch this elastic-body microfiber cover over your steering wheel and turn it into a soft, warm surface so that you’re not rubbing your hands together to keep your fingers warm at the next red light.

Armor All protective winterized floor mats for cars, trucks and SUVs

Fitted floor mats cost a fortune, which is why Armor All is the perfect middle-of-the-road solution. These mats offer excellent winterized protection, so you don’t destroy your interior with slush-covered boots. Even when you track in snow, the lips along the edges keep all that mess on the mats, so you can dump them out later without hurting your interior.

Overmont mini collapsible snow shovel

We all have limited trunk space, and nobody wants to drag a big, clunky shovel out for snow removal. This mini collapsible shovel has an extending periscope handle and includes a carrying case to make everything easier when it comes to storage. It’s ergonomic, inexpensive and doesn’t take up much space in your car.

Handheld ice-chipping windshield scraper

Have you ever tried to use the back end of a traditional periscope ice scraper? It’s not ergonomic. It feels clunky and doesn’t work right, but this handheld ice chipper allows you to use less force to achieve faster and bigger ice-chipping power.

Hold on, scrape against the windshield and watch big ice chips fly through the air. You’ll be on the road faster and save space in your trunk.

OCOOPA 10000mAh fast-charging hand warmers

You chip away all that ice, dig out your car, and then you’re left with frozen fingers and painful palms. Hop in your car and fire this hand warmer up before hitting the road.

With the lowest setting, you get 15 hours of continuous use on a full charge to warm your hands periodically through the day between destinations (and it recharges in your car, too).

Jeremywell foldable traction pads

Stuck on the ice? Tires spinning out? It happens to the best of us, even in trucks and SUVs. These traction pads slip underneath your tires, giving them the right momentum to get out of a jam. Get your car moving again, and you’ll be home to the fireplace in no time. No more roadblocks!

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