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Buy refurbished tech to save money when buying electronics online

Save some cash! Top 3 ways to buy refurbished tech

It seems like every day, inventors are creating new technologies we couldn’t have imagined. It’s easy to get stars in your eyes over shiny new gadgets that promise the world, but a high price tag can shatter your excitement. Luckily, if you buy refurbished tech, you can both enjoy cutting-edge gadgets and avoid fat payments.

That’s because the tech world is incredibly competitive and engineers are constantly one-upping each other. As a result, consumers are always demanding the latest and greatest gadgets. As new tech rolls out, old devices are pushed to the side, even though they’re useful and impressive in their own rights.

That’s where you can swoop in and snatch some amazing deals. There’s no better feeling than paying low prices for high-quality devices, like these 15 products under $15. Basically, buying secondhand tech is a great way to save money when shopping for electronics online.

Savvy spenders buy refurbished tech so they keep more cash in their pockets

Some people might turn up their noses at the idea of buying a device someone else has used. But this is one of our favorite money-saving tips because you can save yourself hundreds — even thousands — of dollars in the long run.

Plus, you’re not sacrificing anything for the low price … except for maybe the bragging rights of buying the latest and greatest gadgets.

This is an especially great option if you’re low on cash. Good news: We found three different ways you can buy great gadgets for low prices. Check them out:

1. Head to Apple

Apple has an especially robust shopping page of refurbished items. You can grab Macs, iPads, iPhones, Apple Watches, iPods and more for low prices. Plus, when you buy, you get a one-year warranty and the Apple Certified Refurbished promise.

Here’s what that means. “Every Apple Certified Refurbished product completes a rigorous refurbishment process that includes full testing that meets the same functional standards as new Apple products,” Apple’s website says, “Your refurbished device is truly ‘like new,’ with special savings of up to 15%.”

That’s a big promise, but clearly, Apple’s confident enough to put its money where its mouth is. Refurbished items go through a rigorous cleaning and testing process before being plopped on the site for resale. Apple puts each gadget through full functionality testing, searching for defective modules that need to be replaced.

Tap or click here to learn more about these enormous discounts.

2. Or you can head to eBay

Another way to save mountains of cash is by shopping through eBay Certified Refurbished. You can buy used gear from manufacturers like Microsft, Lenovo and Dell. Even better, this includes a two-year extended warranty from Allstate.

Here’s another benefit: When you buy eBay’s refurbished tech, you get a money-back guarantee along with 30-day hassle-free returns. You’ll also get your products in manufacturer-sealed packaging, which includes new accessories and manuals. It’s like you’re buying something brand new (except for the fat price tag).

Tap or click here for the full scoop on eBay’s refurbished tech section.

3. Amazon is another great place to buy refurbished tech

If you buy from Amazon, you might want to take a gander at its Amazon Renewed store. The site has an impressive library of refurbished products at lower prices than they’d cost fresh out of the box.

Each purchase comes with the Amazon Renewed Guarantee, which means you have 90 days for refunds or returns if your gadget doesn’t work as expected. Here are a few examples:

Want to grill some amazing food without facing outdoor elements? This Ninja Foodi Pro gives you all the great flavor of an outdoor grill without having to step outside. You can use it to grill, air fry, roast, bake and dehydrate your favorite foods.

Want to give Apple AirPods a try without paying full price? Now you can. These renewed Apple AirPods 2 with charging case give you all the high-quality audio at a more reasonable price.

Have some work to do around the house? You might need to get yourself a handy drill but don’t want to pay full price. This DeWALT cordless drill will do the trick, and you can keep some hard-earned cash in your pocket.

On a final note, we’ve recommended refurbished items … but make sure you only buy them from reputable sellers like the ones above. No matter where you go, you’ve always got to keep an eye out for scammers.

Not all sellers will provide as many consumer protections as Amazon, eBay and Apple, so be careful and happy shopping!

We may receive a commission when you buy through our links, but our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective.

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