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vertical pc mouse
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Hand cramps? These vertical PC mice change everything

Using a PC mouse can cramp your hand and put your wrist in an unnatural position. Vertical mice help your hand stay in a more natural position, scroll easier and require less strain on your wrist. You’ll use your mouse with your arm and better control the cursor. These are our top picks to help your hands and make using the PC easier.

J-Tech ergonomic vertical USB mouse

J-Tech gives you a good deal of control in the most ergonomic design we could find. There are three different DPI options to change the cursor speed. With scroll buttons and comfortable palm rest, it brings excellent levels of relief that you’ll be able to feel immediately.

While this is a wired USB mouse and lacks the smoothness of wireless devices, it gets the job done. The light-up blue LED trim helps you find it in the early morning hours or a dimly lit room. Thankfully it’s backward compatible with operating systems as low as Windows 7, so if you have an older PC, this will work fine.

Logitech MX vertical mouse

Logitech invented the wireless mouse, and it keeps improving it every year. The MX vertical mouse is beloved by video editors and Photoshop artists because it is comfortable. With a smooth scroll wheel and a simple additional button that you won’t accidentally click, you get versatility without it being too much.

The smooth grooves on the chassis help grip your mouse without squeezing your hand and straining your muscles. You can use this mouse on both Windows machines and Apple computers.

Anker 2.4G wireless ergonomic mouse

Anker is the best middle-of-the-road company at the crossroads between price and quality. Its tools are dependable without draining your wallet, and this mouse proves it. Apart from having an ergonomic design that contours your wrist’s natural alignment, it’s comfortably smooth to the touch.

With great button placement that doesn’t require you to strain your fingers and an accessible compartment to replace the batteries, Anker’s mouse is excellent for home use or travel. While it’s only usable with Windows machines, it’s better than the mouse you’re using now.

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