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5 TikTok appliance cleaning hacks you have to see

Cleaning hacks have been all over the popular video-sharing app TikTok. Millions tune in to watch people clean their toilets, mop their floors, scrub their showers and even clean out their refrigerators. Tap or click here for our TikTok beginner’s guide.

It might sound unusual at first, but we could all use some cleaning hacks at the end of the day. The less time it takes to get through our daily or weekly chores, the better.

Here are five products seen in popular TikTok cleaning hack videos. They’ve all gone viral and all promise to get your home sparkly clean without tons of sweat and elbow grease.

1. The sponge that will change your life

2. Keep your bathroom smelling fresh

3. Say goodbye to using elbow grease

4. No more pet fur on the couch

5. The cleanest your grout will ever get

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