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21 tech gifts you should grab now before they sell out

Trying to get an early start on your holiday shopping this year? We don’t blame you. The holidays can be stressful in normal times, and this year is nothing like years past.

Picking out the big gifts for your friends and family is pretty easy. You can just hone in on what they like, pick a price range and then find the perfect item or two. It can be much tougher to find the good stuff for stockings, however. Need help finding gifts this year? The holiday deals are already here on Amazon.

Those little items are often cheap or just flat-out useless. Lucky for you, we’re here to help with that task with the list below. From USB laser star projectors to beanies with built-in speakers, these are the perfect tech stocking stuffers this holiday season.

1. Light up a room — and sleep under the stars — with this USB laser star projector.

Have a science fanatic on your list? This USB laser star projector will let them project a galaxy of stars on anything! They can use it to light up a room or sleep under the stars any time they want. It plugs right into a laptop, phone charger, battery pack or USB outlet — no extra equipment required.

Promising review: “For the price these are amazing! This is such an awesome upgrade for a room. Bought it after seeing it at a friend’s house and thought it was just so neat. Easy setup – just plug it into a USB and your off to see an awesome display of the stars! I absolutely love it — looks so good will be buying a few more before the months over to put in my son’s room.”

2. The teens or music-lovers in your family will love this knit Bluetooth beanie winter music hat headphones with built-in stereo speaker.

Want your teens to wear their beanies on cold days? You may want to grab this knit Bluetooth beanie winter music hat headphones with built-in stereo speaker for their stockings. They can use it to keep warm and listen to music at the same time. It comes with a built-in mic, too, so they can take hands-free calls while listening to their playlists.

Promising review: “Nice fitting hat sounding speakers. No cords to worry about are great stays put better than traditional headphones. I look forward to using this outdoors when hiking etc. I love multipurpose tools/items. I would recommend at the moment; not certain how rugged it will be but I will put it to the test.”

3. Have a nature lover to buy for? This survival gear and equipment 12 in 1 is a great gift for campers and outdoorsy types.

The outdoorsy types on your list will love this survival gear and equipment 12 in 1. It comes with everything you need to be safe outdoors: an emergency blanket, emergency window breaker and flashlight, wire saw, 7-in-1 spork, pocket bellow, fire starter, tactical pen, water bottle clip, tactical knife and saber card. It even has a whistle and fire-starter making it the perfect tool for emergency situations.

Promising review: “All doomsday preppers need these. Great for campers. Excellent quality products. The knife is top notch as well as the multifunctional spork. I think manvsWild would approve. I sure do and I’m mot much of a camper.”

4. These winter gloves with touch screen anti-slip silicone gel are perfect for tech fanatics in cold climates.

Looking for a practical stocking stuffer? These winter gloves with touch screen anti-slip silicone gel are a great gift for tech fanatics. The high sensitive conductive material on thumbs, forefingers and middle fingers make it easy to use any touch-screen tech device without removing the gloves. No cold hands while texting? Pretty nifty.

Promising review: “I got these gloves because I am to visit and camp at Yosemite National Forest and it will get to about 34 degrees Fahrenheit at night. These will be more than enough to hang around the campfire, drink a few cold ones, and not lose a finger while enjoying the gorgeous grandeur of Yosemite in the middle of those November nights.”

5. This travel cable organizer bag, waterproof electronics accessories pouch will help keep tech gadgets organized while on the go.

It’s easy to lose cables while traveling. This travel cable organizer bag, waterproof electronics accessories pouch cuts down on lost chargers by keeping them organized while at home or on the go. It can be used to store and protect a ton of other items too, like toiletries, cosmetics and small household items when traveling. Plus, it makes a great stocking stuffer for any gadget fanatic.

Promising review: “I had started researching tech organizers for a need to fit all cord needs I would have for a 9 day trip in 4 cities in France. I bought several to “test pack” and this is the only one that made the cut. I used it for domestic travel before my trip abroad and it did well with my mac book charger instead of an international adapter. The material is very durable and zipper is great!”

6. Grab this cute universal flexible thumb smartphone stand holder for those new tablets you’re placing under the tree.

You know those tablets you’re buying for your kids this year? Well, you may want to buy this universal flexible thumb smartphone stand holder to go with them. This cute device holder is flexible, durable and will help protect those new tablets from drops or falls. You can use them for smartphones, tablets or e-readers from four to 10-inches wide.

Promising review: “I like the thing. I have a normal iPhone with a normal case, and it’s a tight fit, but it’s fine. As others have written, it sticks the phone straight up—not at an angle of your choice—but it’s cute, so I deal with it. Biggest challenge is keeping my four-year-old from running away with it!”

7. The tinker in your life will love this magnetic wristband for holding tools, screws, nails, bolts, drilling bits. It’s great for DIY projects!

Know someone who likes to work on DIY projects? This magnetic wristband for holding tools, screws, nails, bolts, drilling bits is the perfect stocking stuffer for them. It has super strong magnets embedded into it that can hold most small tools or nails, bolts and other parts. It’s perfect for those home improvement, construction, woodworking, carpentry and auto repair projects that need both hands.

Promising review: “What a great idea. I bought these for my father, brother, and self. It makes a big difference when working up on a ladder with a drill and/or a hammer. I recommend this for all of the people in your life who like to swing a hammer and fire up a drill. It’s comfortable and low profile. I’ll be ordering a second for myself, so I can double up on fastener capacity. I also like to stick extra drill bits to this – It’s extra handy when working between Torx and Philips head screws if your bits are in one secure and easy to reach location.”

8. Forget those disposable hand warmers. These rechargeable hand warmers are a great way to keep your hands toasty on cold winter days.

Don’t fill stockings with those disposable hand warmer packets this year. These rechargeable hand warmers are an eco-friendly alternative for keeping your fingers toasty in the winter. They’re explosion-proof, anti-scald and shockproof — and they work really well on those bitterly cold days.

Promising review: “I am now into my second season using this hand warmer and am still very pleased with the unit. Yes, it can also serve as a power bank, but my hands are always cold when the temp drops (call it a case of “cold hands, warm heart”, or just poor circulation, doesn’t matter – when they get cold, they stay cold!). I can turn this unit on high for immediate heat, but then have to turn it to low for comfort. For me, it works great.”

9. A toilet night light may sound odd, but this 16-color toilet night light is super cool (and useful)!

A glowing toilet bowl may sound like a weird gift, but this 16-color toilet night light is actually pretty cool! It lights up the toilet bowl with one of 16 different colors so you can see in the dark without a harsh bathroom light. It also has motion detection sensors that see when you’re coming. Your kids will love it!

Promising review: “My family loves this night light in the bathroom. As soon as the bathroom door is opened it turns on with an array of gentle lighting. No more fumbling in the dark. I set this up on the back of the toilet tank with the light behind the tank. This would make a great gift for an elderly person also.

10. Looking for STEM stocking stuffers? This talking robot for kids is a great option for little ones.

STEM stocking stuffers are all the rage, and this talking robot for kids is a great option for little ones. It’s chatty, entertaining, and easy to use, too. This little robot is also really durable. Your little one can carry it around wherever they go without fear of it breaking from a drop or fall. It’s pretty cute, too!

Promising review: “Super easy to use! My 6-year-old figured it out in minutes! It isn’t just for kids, I turned it on in a vocal room and it kept repeating anyone talking and it does it in a higher pitch which makes it funny to hear.”

11. Stop annoying smudges on your devices with this screen cleaner spray kit.

Nobody likes fingerprints on their devices. This screen cleaner spray kit can help cut down on the greasy, smudgy fingerprints on tablets or phones. It doesn’t any harsh chemicals and makes a great stocking stuffer for nearly anyone with a phone or tablet.

Promising review: This really works as stated. I have tried other ones that left streaks.”

12. Illuminate those dark winter days with this LED beanie hat with light. It’s adjustable so you’ll get the perfect amount of light!

This stylish LED beanie hat with light will not only keep heads warm, but it will also help give you the perfect amount of light on cold, dark winter nights. It’s super soft, too — and has three adjustable settings so you’ll always have the right amount of light. It makes a great stocking stuffer for the teens and adults in your home.

Promising review: “My husband makes fun of these hats I bought, calls them “miners hats”. I will tell you they are super warm and very bright. We have to take our dogs out multiple times when it is dark and I was tired of trying to hold a flashlight and a leash while trying to bag dog poop. WaaLaa, I found these hats. They plug right into the charging port in my kitchen and are very bright. Love them and love things like this that make my life easier!!

13. This handy case holds 5 disposable masks or 1 cloth mask.

Face mask cases might not be the most exciting gift, but they’re one of the most practical. This handy case will help protect masks from dust, dirt and grime. It holds five disposable masks or one cloth mask, and it’s useful for any and everyone. It’s durable, too — and fits perfectly into a stocking.

Promising review: “I got tired of throwing my face mask in my purse or hanging it on my car’s rearview mirror. I decided to give this product a try and it is exceeding my expectations. I use a reusable cloth mask and it fits inside no problem. The clasps stay securely shut keeping my mask clean when I am not using it. Simple, stylish, and efficient!”

14. Get several useful tools in one with this multifunction pen 7 in 1 tech tool. It’s TSA-friendly!

Know someone who likes to tinker with tech gadgets? This multifunction pen 7 in 1 tech tool would make a great stocking stuffer for them. It’s a ballpoint pen, stylus, bottle opener, mini flat-head, Phillips screwdriver, metric and inch ruler and phone stand — all in one tool. Portable and handy!

Promising review: “I bought this as a birthday gift for my husband who is kind of a tough person to gift shop for. He really enjoys using this! He likes things that can serve a purposeful use and this multi function tool pen is perfect for a no fuss guy like my hubby. He keeps it in his uniform pocket and it goes everywhere with him on a daily basis. Huge gift giving WIN!!”

15. Keep the drivers in your family safe with this digital tire pressure gauge.

Have some young drivers on your list? This digital tire pressure gauge would be a great stocking stuffer for them. It can be tossed in the glove compartment and used to help keep the right tire pressure. It’s easy to use, and you won’t have to worry about the kids driving on low tires. That’s a win!

Promising review: “The ergonomic design makes it easy to hold & the quality for the price is impressive. I used it yesterday for the first time & it was a lifesaver. My low tire light was on & it enabled me to pinpoint which one. I am a 75-year-old woman & if I can use it anyone can! By the way, the instructions are well-written & clear.”

16. Help your loved ones cool off with this USB LED clock fan with real-time display.

Looking for a stocking stuffer that works for anyone? This USB LED clock fan with real-time display is an awesome option. It has soft PVC fan blades that help cool you off, and the real-time clock display is pretty unique, too. It plugs right into a PC or USB port to keep anyone cool while working or playing.

Promising review: “Everyone who sees me use my little clock fan wants to get one! It works so well and is perfect for anyone who works in an office that is warm. Definitely in the top 10 of the best purchases I have made on Amazon! Would be great for college students, too!”

17. These no-touch door openers are a great stocking stuffer — and they’ll help keep your loved ones safe, too.

Forget the candy. Toss these no-touch door openers into the stockings instead. Your loved ones can use them to open doors, press elevator buttons and avoid any other public surfaces during the pandemic. You’ll get four in this packet, so there is plenty to go around. They’re perfect to add to keychains, backpacks, cars or to pass around to the family.

Promising review: “What a good product. I like that it has many heads and many options so I always have the correct one. It also has more utensils that are very practical, as well as a magnet. This kit is very complete, very good quality, and easy to transport.”

18. This colored rope light strip kit with remote and control box is super popular with people in their teens to early 20s.

LED lights are a great way to add some festive color to a room. This colored rope light strip kit with remote and control box is pretty popular with anyone up to around 22-year-olds. So if you’ve got a teenager or young adult on your list, this is what you need. They can use it to create the room and ambiance of their dreams — and then change colors quickly when the mood strikes.

Promising review: “These lights were so much easier to install than I thought they’d be! The tape on the back is really strong and the lights themselves are brighter than the main light in my room. Everything was really dark and bland before but these really made everything feel prettier than it was.”

19. Give this cleaning gel for car detailing putty to the messy person in your life. You know they’ll use it!

There’s always one member of the family with a messy car or room. This cleaning gel for car detailing putty is perfect for cleaning the nooks and crannies that never get attention. Toss it right into that messy person’s stocking and they’ll use it to clean things like vents, crevices, steering wheels and any other grimy spot they can find. It’s a great small gift.

Promising review: “I was skeptical about this product, but it worked really well! Especially on the little crevices around the emergency break and gear shifter. I’d recommend this cleaning gel to everyone.”

20. This melting snowman toy for kids is so soft and cute. It’ll fit right into a stocking, too.

Do you want to build a snowman? Your kids do, and this melting snowman toy for kids is the perfect way to do that. This kit is super cute — you can use it to build a snowman indoors and then watch as it melts before your eyes. You can use it again and again — with no messes! The kit includes reusable melting putty, plus a hat, scarf, eyes, nose and arms. Everything you need to build the perfect putty snowman.

Promising review:I do not leave home without this toy! When we go to a restaurant it is a win/win! My kids play with this thing and watch it melt over and over and over. I started gifting it even if it is holiday themed because no mama should ever be without one of these in her purse! Obviously you need a table and it isn’t for kids who put tiny parts in their mouths but my 5-year-old and 9-year-old have an absolute ball with it and it is NOT in the slightest bit messy. I highly recommend this item to everyone with kids!”

21. The runner in your life will love this running phone armband. Stick it in their stocking so they’ll always have a place to put their phone.

Finding a place to put your phone while on a run is a pain. This running phone armband is the perfect solution. It wraps right around your arm to keep your phone secure as you workout or run — and the moisture-wicking material prevents sweat damage from happening to the device. Toss it in your athlete’s stocking this year to help them out this year.

Promising review: “As a runner, I’ve owned many iPod/iPhone armbands, and my biggest beef with all of them was their inability to hold my phone in its “everyday” case. Every time I’d want to use the armband, I’d need to remove my phone from its case. Not the case with this armband (see what I did three?). It fits my iPhone with Otterbox perfectly.”

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