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Best tech security products for 2023
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8 tech security products everyone should own

Technology can make life better, but it can also expose personal information and destroy your privacy. While you should be aware of the dangers of hackers, the very manufacturers who make your products also collect data. To protect yourself from digital threats, you’ll need each tech security product on this list.

We’re not overselling it: There are many privacy risks, from your browser to your smart TV. These devices make it easy to stream your favorite content without purchasing and setting up a streaming box. But they can compromise your cybersecurity.

Despite technology having a bad rep for security and privacy, some gadgets are designed to increase both. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our favorite tech security products that everyone should own.

1. Stop juice jacking with this data blocker

How much thought do you put into charging your phone? Plugging it into an outlet at home is one thing, but plugging it into a public charging station to top off your battery is a whole other situation.

Let’s say you plug into public outlets like the ones at an airport. Scammers can rig them to extract data from your connected device or upload malware onto it. This is known as juice jacking.

The PortaPow USB Data Blocker is a barrier between your USB cable and the charger that blocks data transfer and syncing. The two data wires inside the USB-A connector have been removed, making it physically impossible to move data. You can rest easy while powering up your phone or tablet.

2. Keep conversations private with this mic blocker

Whether or not you consent, your smart devices are always listening. You can change your settings to mitigate this, but it’s not always possible to eliminate. The only sure way is a physical solution, and that’s where the Mic-Lock Microphone Blocker comes in.

Mic-Lock tricks your phone into thinking you plugged in a headset. A semiconductor circuit inside the gadget disables your microphone and blocks audio. Plug it into your smartphone and you’re all set.

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3. RDIF wallets are some of the top tech security products

Did you know hackers can steal from your wallet without touching it? Using radio-frequency identification, or RFID, thieves can steal information from your credit card, identification, passport or anything with a microchip.

The devices used for this are cheap and easily obtained. The Buffway RFID Blocking Leather Wallet blocks the signal, protecting your information.

Its slim genuine leather construction makes it stylish and comfortable to carry. Eight slots hold cash, credit cards, business cards, ID and more. It keeps your cards safe by blocking the 13-14Mhz electronic signals commonly used by contactless cards and the like.

4. Webcam covers can stop snoops

Remember when Mark Zuckerberg put a piece of tape over his laptop camera to block unwanted access? Well, there’s a better way! This Webcam Cover Slide fits over your device’s camera and can be slid open or closed as needed. It uses adhesive to stick to desktops, laptops, tablets, phones and smart video speakers.

The thin design shouldn’t interfere with your device’s open and close functions (like laptops). It’s made of ABS plastic and comes in a six-pack.

5. Protect your family and home with this smart floodlight cam

Among the basic tenets of home security are lighting and surveillance. The Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera combines both in a smart package.

This wireless camera and floodlight combo connect to your smartphone, tablet or smart display via Wi-Fi. It works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit and Smart Things. The battery lasts up to six months between charges.

View and record 2K HDR videos to keep tabs on your property. Get notifications for visitors (wanted or otherwise), vehicles and packages. Sound the siren or call for help if you need to with the included Arlo Smart trial. The 2,000-lumen light can be upgraded to 3,000 with a magnetic charging cable.

6. Faraday boxes are some of the best security products on the market

Keyless entry is an excellent convenience, but it gives thieves another method to steal your car. They can use a device to boost your key’s signal and drive away with your vehicle without breaking into it. The Faraday Key Fob Protector Box safely stores your car keys and spares and blocks RFID signals.

This faraday box is made from leather and lined with a signal-blocking material. Simply place your keys inside and close the lid to stay safe from signal-boosting thieves. You can also use the box for your chip-equipped cards and smart devices.

7. Thwart spies with this hidden cam detector

Want to know if someone is listening to you or recording your conversations? The Jepwco G4 Pro Anti Spy Detector can pick up signals from wired and wireless microphones, cameras, GPS locators and more.

It detects mobile signals and radio waves within 50 feet and can detect electronic devices between 1Mhz-6.5Ghz of frequency. The rechargeable battery works for 25 hours.

Bring this detector when you travel, stay at a hotel, go to the coffee shop, office or anywhere else you want protection. If you pick up a signal, the six LED lights can help locate where it’s coming from.

8. No list of tech security products is complete without a 2FA security key

Password protection is standard across any device and network, but even the best ones can be hacked or figured out. Take your security a step further with the Yubico Security Key. This device offers two-factor authentication to protect your online accounts physically. Register it and gain access with a tap.

It works with Google Chrome and any FIDO-compliant application on Windows, Mac OS or Linux. Use it to secure and access your password manager, social media log-in, email, financial account, workstation, phone, tablet, server and more.

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