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Supportive back pillows

Back pain at your PC? These supportive pillows are your solution

Without a proper office chair to help support your back and spine health, you could experience back pain. It’s challenging to constantly think about posture and actively alter it. But these lumbar support pillows help you position your back to reduce pain and improve comfort at your PC or office desk. These are our top picks.

Dreamer Car lumbar support for office chair

Memory foam is a lumbar live-saver. This memory foam pillow is nice and wide to cover most of your chair backing while also traveling halfway up your back. Once it supports your lower lumbar, your shoulders and upper back will be aligned.

Dreamer Car includes a one-year warranty and regularly puts this pillow on sale. With an odorless material and soft fabric, it’s the last line of defense you need to protect your back at your desk.

Qutool lower lumbar support pillow for office chair

Need a little more support? Qutool has a vertical lumbar support pillow that gets the job done with full back support. This pillow has two straps that attach to your office chair to stay in place. It will not shift around on you while you’re trying to work.

Two impact zones on the pillow’s bottom half contour to your shape, while the upper support helps prevent neck pain. With a five-year warranty and a design that doesn’t flatten over time, this level of back support is what’s been missing from your desk setup.

Comfortable orthopedic seat cushion with memory foam

Sometimes back pain is exacerbated by pressure on your tailbone. Depending on how you sit in your chair, you could put pressure on your tailbone due to a lousy seat cushion. This pillow includes a bottom cushion that works with the back pillow for complete support.

Attach the pillow to your chair with two straps. The memory foam and soft cover are easy to clean and contour to your shape over time, granting superior support every time you sit at your desk.

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