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Best smart fans
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Best smart fans and personal cooling tech to get you through summer

Summers are only getting hotter. Heat exhaustion is becoming a serious issue globally, but you can stay one step ahead with personal cooling technology. Tap or click for 15 summer tech gadgets you didn’t know you needed.

You must have a personal cooling solution at every turn to beat the heat. No worries. We’ve done the work for you.

Keep reading for some of our favorite pieces of cooling tech.

Rechargeable bladeless neck fan

Let’s start with personal, portable cooling. This fan hangs right around your neck and blows air up from the slots along either side, applying cooling air to your neck for hours.

It’s completely bladeless, meaning users with long hair don’t have to worry about it getting snagged and tugged by the fan. The same feature that lets this fan remain bladeless also helps prevent overcharging and overheating, so the device won’t heat up during use (it would defeat the purpose, wouldn’t it?).

Depending on which of the four fan speeds you choose, this will last anywhere from 3-and-a-half hours up to 21 hours. We recommend turning it on option two or three since option one is meant to emulate wind or a cool breeze and doesn’t make much difference.

It’s an inexpensive personal cooling device you can take anywhere, so you never have to let go of relief.

3-in-1 air cooler, by Deegood

This is akin to a swamp cooler designed for small spaces and personal use. Place cold water through the top, use the ice packs and sap the cold straight into the air.

With a slight power draw of 10 watts, this is the perfect way to cool small sub-100 square foot spaces and allow yourself some relief without spiking your energy bill. It runs at 45 dB (about ¾ the volume of a typical one-on-one conversation), so it may be too loud to leave on while you sleep for light sleepers.

Keep in mind this is great for personal cooling, but it’s by no means a miracle worker device. Many online reviews and opinions expect this little machine to move mountains despite being designed for personal use.

Govee smart table fan

This smart fan includes more features than most personal electronics and has a surprising amount of power for being a small desk fan.

Call out and activate this fan with Alexa through your Wi-Fi connection and command up to eight different speeds of airflow. You can even call for the TurboForce air mode to cool down an area quickly.

What makes this excellent is the 24-hour timer function you can schedule in the included app. If you’re tired of having a stuffy room when you get home, set this up to start 20 minutes before you walk in the door and get rid of the mugginess in the air.

Our favorite feature is Sleeping Mode, which continues to cool you while staying hum-quiet. While the claims of feeling airflow up to 21 feet away are a bit over the top, it’s powerful enough to cool larger areas than anyone would assume.

Dreo cruiser pro T1S smart tower fan with Wi-Fi

Need to cool a small room without burning through your electric bill using the air conditioner? Dreo makes this powerful fan which only draws 45 watts at maximum power and has enough airflow to cool up to 24 feet away.

Activate your fan with Alexa from across the house and use the Dreo app to change individual settings or activate sleep mode. You have four modes and six fan speeds to choose from, so you can optimize your perfect cooling solution the way you want.

While it includes a remote, the smartphone app is easier to navigate, especially when you want to set a timer. Set this fan to begin cooling down your house or room before you return from work and feel the high speed rapidly cool down your space in no time.

JISULIFE handheld portable fan

It doesn’t get any more personal than a mini handheld fan. JISULIFE makes this ridiculously inexpensive personal fan with a lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 20 hours on the lowest setting.

We’ve come a long way from the AA battery-powered gas station fans. Pop this onto a USB charger for three hours to get a full charge, and use the anti-slip base to prop it up on your desk to cool you down while you work.

All you have to do is use a small button on the base to change fan speed, press the button below the fan cage to turn it on or off, and that’s it. It’s portable, great for your glove box in case the car AC goes out and gives you as much cooling power as possible in such a small package.

Are neck fans effective?

Neck fans are incredibly effective. Think about it: you don’t have to reposition a neck fan, bring it with you, or hold it. Most neck fans last up to 20 hours, making them even more convenient.

Are smart fans loud?

Most smart fans are made with “whisper quiet” technology, a broad term used by fan manufacturers. Smart fans are typically designed to be quiet for nighttime operation. Check the dB noise rating for each fan before deciding on one. Remember that “whisper quiet” refers to around 30 dB or lower, about half the volume of a normal one-on-one conversation.

What does smart fan mean?

Smart fans may automatically adjust fan speed based on room temperature, include scheduling features and are generally Wi-Fi enabled so they can be operated from your home’s smart hub.

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