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Ring solar charger

This handy product solves the Ring doorbell’s biggest problem

Did you know that a video doorbell can deter up to 50% of crime on your property? Wireless Ring doorbells are one of the market’s most popular, easy-to-install security items. But these battery-powered models need to be charged to do their jobs.

Ring owners are currently obsessed with one game changer that makes keeping your home safe easy. Solar chargers ensure your feed never lapses due to a failing battery. Read on for a couple of top options.

Here’s the backstory

Amazon offers solar options that can accommodate a darker, cooler climate or just a porch that faces away from the light. Now that you’re in the know, you’re probably wondering which solar panel is right for your home. Here are two excellent options.

If your porch is sunny…

You can’t go wrong with a classic. Ring’s 2nd generation solar charger works like a charm. We recommend it for anybody living in warmer states or cities where overcast days are rarely a problem.

If your doorstep is in the shade…

Those chasing the sun will love this extendable Ring solar panel, which includes 20 feet of cable. Your Ring doorbell will charge continuously. The mobile solar panel makes getting your device’s four hours of sunlight easy.

Other ways to keep your security system green

Once your Ring doorbell is squared away, what else can you optimize in your home security system?

  • Motion-sensitive lights help you detect trespassers without drawing power unnecessarily.
  • Window shades keep your home’s interior hidden and help regulate the climate in your home for free!
  • Stay loyal to brands that prioritize green manufacturing practices.
  • Use your smartphone or computer to monitor your system.
  • Make use of environmental controls to stay alert. Things like sudden temperature changes may be an indicator of something amiss.

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