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relybo flashlight

Replace your old flashlight with this powerful, compact model

We all have that flashlight we keep handy for emergencies. It’s in the drawer near the fridge or at the bottom of the basement stairs. But it’s not that good, is it? It helps you stumble around to the circuit breaker during a storm, but what other utility does it provide?

What if the lights aren’t coming back on tonight, and it’s not just a fuse? You need reliable, high-powered light to help cut through the dark of night, heavy rain and storms and anything else you may face in an emergency or lights-out situation.

Let’s introduce you to the Relybo super bright flashlight

This flashlight is rechargeable via a wall outlet or your laptop’s USB port. With a durable IP67 waterproof exterior and chassis, it’s up to the task and handles all the bumps and bruises that flashlights inevitably go through. But it does more than replace your old janky flashlight.

This flashlight offers intense 20,000-lumen brightness

Intense may be an understatement. Choose from one of four brightness options, each stronger than the last that can be narrowed to a concentrated, bright light beam. For context, 20K lumens is the equivalent of 25, 60W incandescent light bulbs in brightness.

Since it’s concentrated, you can focus a beam of light into the dark to clear a path or use it to easily see everything underneath the hood of your car in a rainstorm.

Five different modes

Switch between SOS and strobe modes, or choose from three different brightness intensities. There’s a good mix of modes, so you can use your flashlight in tactical situations or simply to provide the best possible light as you make repairs at home when the lights go out.

Oh, and it charges your phone

Did we forget to mention that it also doubles as a portable power bank for your phone? While it’s not ideal, you can use the USB output method to send all the power from your flashlight to your phone, giving it a charge that helps you in a pinch.

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