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Flameless lighters

These rechargeable lighters mean no more lighter fluid

Get rid of those dangerous butane lighters: the future is electric, whether you’re lighting a lantern, cigar or just some birthday candles. These USB lighters are entirely flameless, providing better safety and efficiency while saving you money in the long run. They’re also highly green compared to butane, so it’s a win-win. These are our top picks.

RONXS rechargeable arc electric lighter

The one problem with arc lighters is how stick-straight they are. It can make certain operations relatively difficult, like lighting a candle. Thanks to the extendable and bendable neck on the RONXS arc lighter, you can light fireplaces, campfires and candles without your hand being too close.

A visual battery life indicator is housed right beneath the power switch, so you always know when it’s time to recharge. It’s a simple and compact arc lighter, although the battery does run out fast, so be sure to keep an eye on that.

SUPRUS electric plasma candle lighter

SUPRUS has one of the highest-rated arc lighters on the market for an excellent reason: battery life. Based on our experience, this has the longest-lasting battery life of every arc lighter on this list. The contact points are slim, making it difficult to light campfires or a fireplace, but it works excellent on candles and cigarettes.

You get a visual blue LED battery life indicator, so you know when it’s time to recharge it. The on switch feels flawlessly smooth to use so that you won’t run into difficulty during one-handed operation. With its compact size and low price, this might be your top pick.

VEHHE electric candle lighter

This simple electric lighter has an extendable, bendable neck on the end to help you reach the inside of every candle on your shelf. While this is also great for lighting cigars and cigarettes, the simple on/off switch is great for safety.

You can use this to safely light a charcoal fire or reignite that pilot light without burning butane. With a slim handle and simple operation, VEHHE simplifies the entire process. The only grievance is how difficult it is to flick the switch from the off to the on position. Otherwise, it’s an excellent, inexpensive arc lighter.

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