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Amazon rechargeable batteries

Stop wasting money: These rechargeable batteries will save you tons

How fast does your house burn through disposable batteries? We’re willing to bet that it’s a lot. These rechargeable batteries save you money over time with low-cost, low-priced recharging. Stop throwing money into the trash with disposable batteries. Here are our top picks.

Energizer AA and AAA batteries with charger

Who’s better than Energizer? These batteries have an excellent capacity that competes with standard alkaline batteries in terms of duration. This charger holds up to four batteries, and you get four AA batteries in the package.

The charging dock is the star of the show. With overcharge protection to keep your batteries safe, four-hour charging to take your batteries from empty to full and a plug-out design, Energizer hits all the design points on the head.

POWEROWL AA and AAA batteries and charging deck

The charging deck here is a significant part of what makes POWEROWL such a good buy, but it’s not the only thing. These impressive batteries can be recharged 1,200 times or more, which means you have around 10 years’ worth of use. It could be longer, depending on how frequently you need to recharge them.

Each of these batteries has up to 1000mAh. It’s important to know that an average AA battery will have around twice that much capacity, but it can’t be recharged because of how they’re made. Just don’t be blindsided by the shorter cycling time with these batteries.

HiQuick 8-bay AA and AAA charging dock with batteries

You can charge these batteries hundreds of times, up to 2800mAh per battery. The power isn’t in the batteries but rather in the charging deck that offers fast charge cycles and visual green/red indicators for every battery you have.

Eight batteries are included with your purchase. The dock also provides overcharge protection to keep your batteries safe so you won’t damage them by leaving them on the charger.

We may receive a commission when you buy through our links, but our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective.
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