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Protect your vaccine card with these affordable, durable sleeves

Vaccines have been rolling out in the U.S. at a blistering pace. But records aren’t being kept digitally as to who has received a dose. The only way right now that someone can prove their protection is with the issued paper vaccine cards.

If you lose the card or it gets irreparably damaged, you might struggle to get a replacement. You would have to call your state health department’s immunization information system center for help. And still, there is no guarantee that you can get a new card. Tap or click here for why you shouldn’t post a selfie with your vaccine card.

To protect it from everyday wear and tear, there are several options available. Also, keep in mind that there is no use in laminating your card before getting the last shot (if your vaccine is the two-shot dose). Here are some inexpensive ways to protect your vaccine card.

1. Clear vaccination card protector

2. Vaccine card protector with breakaway lanyards

3. Sturdy card protector

4. Horizontal vaccine card protectors (bulk pack)

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