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2 smartphone screens are cracked every second in the US – How to protect yours

If you’re a smartphone owner, you understand the fear associated with dropping your precious device on the ground. Dropping your phone is one thing — after all, you might crack the screen or lose valuable information — but there’s a special kind of loss you feel when you drop your phone and hear that heartbreaking shatter.

Did you know 95 million smartphones are dropped and damaged every year? That’s estimated to be nearly $30 billion in damages. Of those cracked and broken devices, 44% of owners weren’t using a protective case. And even after a break, only 55% of users added or upgraded their phone cases. Why run the risk?

Don’t wait for an unfortunate slip, accidental drop or mishandling mishap. Invest in a smartphone screen protector and case to ensure your device is safe and sound.

1. Protect your iPhone

2. Save the Galaxy

3. Leather protection for your iPhone

4. Galaxy 21 protection

5. Waterproof your iPhone 12

6. Keep the Galaxy safe

7. Scratch-resistant iPhone armor

8. Slim, soft, safe for your Galaxy S21

9. Keep your camera lenses safe, too

10. Trust in tempered glass

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