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privacy screen filters
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These anti-snoop screen protectors keep what you’re doing private

Your Samsung phone can do many amazing things, but it can’t protect your privacy from prying eyes. Until now. These privacy screen filters don’t interrupt how you look at your phone but keep unwanted eyes from reading over your shoulder and finding out personally identifying information. Here are the best options available.

Samsung Galaxy A32 screen filter

Nervous about installing a privacy screen? This model comes with a quick start guide, wet wipes for the screen and two dust-absorbing dry rags. It’s a starter kit that gives you everything you need.

This filter is strong where others lack. It offers excellent responsiveness that doesn’t impact your touch screen performance.

While the viewing angle could be improved, it does the job without making your device harder to use. Many users state that there’s near flawless sensitivity apart from ultra-light touches.

Anti-scratch tempered glass film (for multiple Samsung models)

Anti-scratch and easy to attach, this filter fits a wide array of Samsung phones. There’s a great blend of durability and accessibility here, although there is a trade-off. You can’t use fingerprint unlocks due to the thickness of the screen.

The good news is that you must be within a 35-degree viewing angle to see anything on this screen. That means it will be nearly impossible for them to read your screen even if someone sits beside you.

Did we mention there are two in a single pack? Since these are versatile across multiple Samsung phone models, you can keep one for later when it’s time to upgrade your phone.

Samsung Galaxy S22 screen protector and filter

Tempered glass not only improves the durability of your phone screen, but it simply works better at filtering light than plastic covers do. Unless you look at this filter head-on, you’ll be met with a big blur.

With a meager 28 degrees of visible range (good for you, bad for onlookers), you’ll have privacy even on bus and train rides. The only issue reported with this filter is the thickness.

It’ll protect your screen but also poses a slight issue for responsiveness. You have to tap harder on the glass for it to register your input. This isn’t an ideal augmentation if you regularly play intense mobile games.

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