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Best cases to protect your phone
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Phone cases for everyone, from the clumsy person to the minimalist

Smartphones are expensive. That’s why it’s so important to buy a case to protect its screen from cracks, its components from water and its body from falls.

But which case is best for your lifestyle?

We have a list of trusted phone case brands that offer protection for every situation. Which one is right for you?

Clumsy? Cases that offer the most protection

These cases are made to protect your phone from falls, bumps, water, mud, scratches and just about anything else life can throw at it.

Brands like LifeProof, Raptic and OtterBox allow you to confidently tuck your phone into the same pocket as your keys or bring your smartphone into the pool without worry. Here are the best options available.

LifeProof is a reliable brand that offers MagSafe smartphone cases, phone case accessories and scratch-resistant, custom-fitted screen protectors. This case allows you to submerge your phone in up to two meters of water for an hour.

It’s made with 60% recycled plastic and has a slim, sleek design to keep your phone safe between the tightly sealed case. Tap or click here to see all LifeProof products.

Raptic is known for its attractive cases, but it also offers tactical wallets, locks, earbud cases and more. What do all of these things have in common? That’s right. They’re made to protect your devices. It can be dropped from 10 feet and has a raised bezel for extra protection against screen scratches.

This case does not come with a screen protector but does offer a rubber interior to absorb the shock of a fall. You can also use a Qi charger with this case. Raptic’s smartphone cases are among its most popular products. Tap or click here to check out Raptic smartphone cases.

OtterBox is another popular protective brand. Get smartphone cases, tablet cases, gaming accessories, smartwatch bands and cases, screen protectors and more. Tap or click here to view OtterBox products.

You’ll hardly notice it’s there

If you’re looking for a smartphone case that can protect without feeling bulky, turn to these fantastic options from ESR and Speck. Both brands are known for keeping your phone safe without taking up valuable purse or pocket space.

ESR offers HaloLock and MagSafe smartphone car chargers, phone cases and more. It has military-grade protection and Air-Guard corners that help absorb the shock of those serious falls. Tap or click here for impressive ESR products.

Speck features antimicrobial cases for your smartphone, laptop, earbuds and more. It also offers protection from falls, scratches and screen damage. Tap or click here for the Speck line of products.

Speck smartphone cases have repeatedly proven that they can provide your device with the safety you’re looking for without an unsightly or poorly designed look.

Add a little style

We’re all familiar with top brands like Apple, Samsung and Bellroy, but we can all learn a thing or two about the smartphone cases each company offers.

If you own an iPhone, you know Apple has plenty of protective cases on the market. Tap or click here for Apple products and accessories. These are known not just for the safety of your phone, but also for their sleek designs and attractive colors.

Samsung offers stylish designs, including leather cases, personalized phone covers and more. Tap or click here for Samsung protective cases. Choose from rugged designs to durable silicone or exquisite leather to protect your devices.

Bellroy smartphone cases offer unique designs, plenty of colors to choose from and slim storage options. Tap or click here for Bellroy’s tech collection. Match your earbud case, smartphone case and even your watch strap with Bellroy’s line of fashionable products.

This case provides a super slim profile, is Qi-charge compatible and has a microfiber lining to protect your phone. Worried about hurting the leather? A 3-year warranty backs each case.

Stand out in the crowd

If you’re going to invest in a smartphone case designed to keep it safe from disaster, you might as well go the extra mile to find something that stands apart from the crowd.

CASETiFY is known for its wacky, funny and colorful design options. Tap or click here to see CASETiFY phone case options. Choose something fun that matches your personality without sacrificing safety.

If you’re looking for an eye-catching case, try this CASETiFY Ultra Impact Case. It’s made with shock-resistant technology and has an inner layer that absorbs shocks as well. The corners are enhanced with protective shields and each case is Qi-compatible.

Osophter is also known for its phone case designs, but instead of outlandish images and colors, these cases feature exquisite designs and less vibrant color palettes. Many of the designs are floral patterns, and the protections they offer are just as attractive. Tap or click here for Osophter smartphone cases.

Phone cases don’t have to be all about protection, though they should absolutely provide that, too. This Osophter case is both beautiful and durable. It can protect your phone drops, is made from shatterproof TPU and polycarbonate materials, features extended bumpers at the corners and raised edges to protect your screen.

Best case brand for the money

After tons of research, we discovered Spigen is the best brand when you’re looking for an affordable phone case. Tap or click here for Spigen ‘s smartphone collection. Choose from its MagSafe cases, impact, ultra impact, mirror or leather cases.

These brands promise sleek designs and excellent protection at a price you can afford. If you want something that isn’t just affordable but can also get the job done, turn to Spigen and Osophter.

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