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Pets deserve holiday gifts, too! 12 picks for the pooch or cat in your life

This holiday season, it can be easy to forget the one member of your household who never gets angry with you, never talks back and is always ready for good cuddles, hugs and kisses — your pet.

Tons of great pet toys and tech are available to make your life easier and Coco’s life more rewarding. Even if you don’t have a pet of your own, show your friends and family that you care about everyone in their household by including a small gift for their furry companions.

Need a little inspiration? We’ve picked 12 pet-approved gift ideas any pet or pet owner would love to receive.

1. Everyone needs their own bed

2. Secure the Apple AirTag

3. Keep them on their toes

4. Calmer bathing

5. Fun for everyone

6. Don't forget the fish

7. Great for puppies

8. Upgrade your dog's toys

9. Save the couch

10. Take your friends everywhere

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