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PC tool kits
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PC need a repair? You need one of these affordable tool kits

Whether your hard drive bit the dust or you need to fix the IO panel on your PC, you need the right tools to get the job done. These compact PC repair kits include nearly everything you need to dissect and fix your PC and avoid all the usual headaches. These are our top picks.

iFixit Moray driver kit

Fixing your PC is all about having precision-focused tools. iFixit is the biggest name in PC repair tools because of its attention to detail, like the magnetic case that grasps your bits instead of flimsy plastic clasps.

The tool handle is easy to hold and twist thanks to the lightweight design, which helps reduce wrist strain during long repair sessions. Included in the case are 32 separate 4mm heads with a polished finish. iFixit covers this case and parts with its lifetime warranty.

XOOL 62-in-1 electronic repair kit and screwdriver

Not all companies can be iFixit, but XOOL comes in with a similar tool with nearly twice as many bits. While the handle is ergonomic and feels good, you can feel the difference in quality compared to other top-name brands. It’s partially why the kit is so inexpensive.

In the kit, you get 62 bits and an extension rod. The extension rod is designed for smartphones, tablets and gaming consoles, giving you more reach without losing stability.

Some of these places can be extremely difficult to get to. The case is basic, so if you have a spare laying around, it would be best to transfer the bits to that case.

UnaMela 122-in-1 electronics screwdriver kit and laptop repair tool

UnaMela comes in with an expansive kit that doesn’t break the bank. You get a typical tool handle, an extension tool and a few additions, including anti-static tweezers.

While not all 122 included pieces are a grand slam, such as the suction cup that nobody asked for, there are more than enough bits to justify the price.

UnaMela’s handle is similar to XOOL’s, with a slightly more tactile feel. The case includes fragile plastic clasps, so be careful when popping the tools in and out.

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