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Travel organization tools

Handy and compact electronics organizers for travel – organize wires, chargers and more

Your backpack, laptop bag or suitcase is a complete mess with wires, charging bricks and adapters. It happens to the best of us. Thankfully, there’s a quick and inexpensive way to organize your wires, saving time and energy. Plus, packing just got a whole lot easier.

Twod electronic organizer for travel accessories

Twod makes an excellent and inexpensive carrying case that works for small electronics. Use the interior elastic and nylon bands to keep your charging cables, wall bricks and USB drives in place.

On the other side, you have a mesh net compartment with zipper closure. Behind it is a sleeve to slide your phone or external hard drive into. There’s even room to add a pen if you need it. Use one of two carrying methods outside the case to access it in a large backpack or suitcase quickly.

UPPERCASE portable electronics organizer

Traveling light? UPPERCASE has a small 7.5” case that simplifies travel. Fit your cables, storage (SD cards, USB sticks) and more small form factor electronics in this cushy case for easy travel. The soft interior cushions your electronics from harm, while the elastic bands provide shock resistance.

UPPERCASE designed this to last with a durable nylon exterior and two carrying methods. Use the lanyard attachment to hook it onto your backpack or suitcase, or slide it into a backpack and retrieve it with the full band handle. It’s convenient and compact for light travel or your next carry-on bag.

STHON electronic organizer panel for accessory management

If those other cases looked a bit too cramped, we understand. SITHON created a simple panel-style organizer that holds two laptops, iPad and MacBook accessories and has a convenient carrying handle.

After you slip your laptop into the back sleeve, flip it around to use six horizontal straps and up to two long sleeves to keep larger accessories in. While this is marketed to iOS users, anyone can get excellent utility from this case and organizer. With a surface that doesn’t scratch your electronics and a compact design, it’s perfect for frequent travelers.

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