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14 products to help finally get your home office organized

Ready to clean up your home office? So are thousands of others working from home, suffering through cluttered desks and overflowing trash cans.

The wisest solution is to buy a few items that can magically clear away everything from errant cords to all those piles of paperwork, notepads, paper clips and pens.

Here are 15 products that are designed to get your home office organized. The best part? They’re great for kids who are distance learning, too.

1. Keep your gadgets in one place

2. Keep supplies in order

3. Optimize your workspace

4. No more sloppy cables

5. Add a few inches to your desk

6. Never lose your supplies again

7. Safe and secure

8. Everything can have its place

9. Talk about a space saver!

10. Great for any office or school space

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