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Black marks on the carpet? These office chair mats prevent that

You roll across the carpet dozens of times a day at your desk. After a week, the rug looks discolored. After a month, it’s dirty and riddled with black streaks. The best action against this is prevention, which is where these mats come in handy. Don’t add the extra task of cleaning the rugs; save yourself time (and make it easier to move at your desk).

OFM office chair mat

It’s time to protect your rug (and your wheels). OFM’s chair mat comes in two sizes: three feet by four feet or just shy of four feet by five feet. Depending on how wide your desk is and how much room you need, this will be more than enough room to roll around.

This mat comes rolled up in a box. It takes around 72 hours to unravel on its own, but if you put your chair on it early, you can cause a crease in the plastic. Apart from the time it takes, this mat has good quality and doesn’t disappoint. But we have two other options to show you before deciding.

Kuyal carpet chair mat

Made from PVC, Kuyal’s chair mat has a thick layer that prevents warping and damage to the mat’s surface. While it’s not invulnerable to scratches, it provides a much thicker, safer layer between your chair and the carpet than OFM’s mat.

Thanks to the rectangular shape, this works well with L-shaped desks where you have a lot of horizontal space. The PVC studs on the bottom of the mat grip your carpet firmly without causing damage to the fibers. It’s a step up in terms of quality and price that’s better for a long-term solution.

Glass chair mat, by Clearly Innovative

If plastic and PVC aren’t your things, that’s okay. This glass mat is designed to handle up to 1,000 lbs of load bearing while also providing the smoothest glide for your office chair wheels imaginable. Being stiff and unmalleable, this mat does a better job than any plastic or PVC mat can.

With beveled edges so your chair doesn’t get caught on the edges and a lifetime warranty, it’s the perfect solution to carpeted offices that don’t feel complete without a smooth surface to roll your chair on.

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