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3 reasons the new Kindle Paperwhite is worth the upgrade

You probably know that reading is better for your brain than social media. Healthline reports that reading can even prevent age-related cognitive decline. But most of us spend more time scrolling on our phones than reading.

It’s estimated that we spend an average of 118 hours a month with our smartphones on social media. In that time, you could have read a handful of novels. If you want to pick up a book but don’t know where you start, tap or click for a site that helps you find your next favorite read.

One of the best ways to read is through an e-reader like Amazon’s popular Kindle devices. They’re a great alternative to traditional book reading since they’re versatile, easier to hold and cause less strain on the eyes. Now is the best time to buy since Amazon just announced two new Kindle e-readers.

Here’s the backstory

Three new models are refreshing Amazon’s e-reader line:

  • Kindle Paperwhite
  • Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition
  • Kindle Paperwhite Kids

They all have larger displays than previous models. Older versions were 6-inches, while these have 6.8-inch screens. They also have longer battery lives as well as built-in IPX8 water resistance.

You can even adjust the shade of your e-reader’s display. So if you’re sick of the white light, you can give your words an amber glow. You can even schedule when the light changes.

If you want to give your eyes a break, you can adjust the size and boldness of your text. The Kindle Paperwhite comes with 8GB of storage. If you want an e-reader that packs a bigger punch, you probably want the Paperwhite Signature Edition, which has 32GB.

The page-turning animations on these gadgets are 20% quicker than previous models. You’ll get the same pixel density on the screens at 300 PPI. In addition to adjustable color temperatures, which range from amber to cool white, the displays are 10% brighter.

DO YOU HAVE AN OLDER KINDLE? It will lose access to the internet soon, so do this

Best of all are the charging upgrades

Older Kindles needed micro USB chargers. The three new Paperwhite models have USB-C ports. That means you can quickly recharge them — and they last for up to 10 weeks. Again, that’s a big step up from previous models, which lasted only six weeks.

­­­Like kid-friendly Kindles of the past, the Kindle Paperwhite Kids comes with a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+ along with three different designs: black, emerald forest, and a pattern called Robot Dreams.

That’s pretty unique since previous e-readers designed for kids didn’t have these waterproof features.

Want to save money? Here’s a trick

You could always wait for these gadgets to go on sale. But that can take a long time, and if you need an e-reader now, why not buy the old versions? Now that they’re outdated, their prices are lower.

Overall, it’s a solid gadget for readers. The same goes for the Oasis, the most expensive Kindle e-reader and for good reason.

What to know about the Kindle Oasis

Unlike the regular Kindle and Paperwhite models, it has a slew of unique features that make it stand out. While the Kindle Oasis is functionally similar to the others, it has a larger 7-inch screen. It also comes with a metallic back, giving it a premium look and feel. Its asymmetric design makes it easier to hold with one hand, too.

That’s good news for anyone who struggles to fall asleep after a reading session. (If you didn’t know, blue light suppresses the body’s release of melatonin, according to the National Library of Medicine.)

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