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Unique Amazon products that are currently trending

Want to add something fun and unusual to your Amazon shopping list? You’re in luck: We scoured the web’s biggest online marketplace to bring you unique Amazon finds. You can also save money with our top Amazon alternatives.

From bizarre gadgets to quirky household items, these products will catch your eye and add a touch of eccentricity to your life. And the best part? You can save up to 34% on these strange but amazing Amazon products.

Keep reading to discover these hidden gems and upgrade your shopping game today.

1. Clean screens, happy life

Gadgets can get dirty, especially when you’re on the go. A microfiber cloth is the best solution to clean your screens. This two-in-one spray cleaner is easy to carry and as small as a lipstick tube.

It comes with a safe cleaner and a microfiber cloth, so you can easily clean your phone screen wherever you are. Just spray and wipe with the included cloth. Get yours here:

2. Illuminate your life

If only you could brighten your home just by saying, “Let there be light!” These portable light bulbs are a good solution, though. They’re convenient and useful, so you can put them in your home, a trailer, or your bedroom closets. One reviewer used these battery-powered bulbs to read during a power outage.

3. Rise and shine! This is one of the most unique Amazon finds

Who knew the ultimate solution for heavy sleepers was an alarm clock that runs away? This no-fail alarm clock wakes you up with no hassle. It will roll and jump from your nightstand up to three feet. It can cruise on carpet and wood floors. Oh, and it can even hide! Cute and distinctive, this alarm clock with wheels is 11% off.

4. A bright idea for outdoor enthusiasts

Imagine having a headlamp that lights up everything in front of you with just a lightweight headband. Good news: That’s actually real! This wearable light strip helps you see when you walk the dog at night or head out on a camping trip.

5. Never run out of juice again

This portable little charger can power up your Apple Watch, iPhone and another gadget on the go. Plug it into a wall for a charger that lasts a long time. One reviewer left it outside in the rain and said it still worked — though I recommend keeping it safe and dry! Buy it now while it’s still 34% off now.

Other trending items you didn’t know you needed

The unique Amazon finds we talked about above were all on sale. The following items aren’t currently discounted, but who knows? Amazon might slash prices in the future. As for me, I think they’re worth the money.

6. Keep your soda fizzy for longer

Do you love that carbonated bubble from a fresh can of soda? Leave an open can for too long, and it will lose that tasty spark. This soda carbonation preserver will save you from wasting any more flat soda. It’s easy to use and works like magic.

7. Add a shelf to any outlet

Keep your devices close and your outlets free with this innovative shelf outlet attachment. This tool can free up extra space if you’re working on your feng shui. Maybe you can add a few plants to lighten up the space?

8. Protect your device from dust and damage

Say goodbye to costly repairs. Smartphone port protectors are great tools for keeping your devices in top condition. Keeping your devices in great shape can help them last longer.

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