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Apple’s new cleaning cloth is $19 – Or you can buy this pack of 24 for less

You probably know just how easy it is for tech gadgets to build up dirt, grime and other grody particles. That’s especially true if you eat at your computer or tap your phone screen with sweaty fingers post-workout. You don’t want your devices to become a hub of bacteria, especially in the era of COVID-19.

That’s why cleaning products are a lifesaver. Soap and wet wipes are great, but sometimes a good, old-fashioned cloth can get the job done. It can remove the grody layer of disgusting buildup in a single wipe.

Since cleaning materials can do a world of good, that could be why Apple thinks it can sell a single cloth for a hefty $19 price tag. On Monday, Apple revealed its polishing cloth, a big white square.

Apple brags about its cloth having “soft, nonabrasive material” that can clean “any Apple display, including nano-texture glass.” So kind of like any other cleaning cloth on the market.

If one is $19, that means you’d pay $456 for 24 of these bad boys. Imagine spending that much not on tech but on cleaning supplies. We recommend saving your money and grabbing this 24-pack of cleaning cloths:

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