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Running out of room on your phone? Here are some high-capacity micro SD cards to fix that

You’ve run out of space for apps with all the photos and music on your phone. Your phone keeps warning you that you’re reaching or are at maximum capacity. It’s time to expand that storage (and stop those pesky push notifications). Adding a micro SD card to your phone for file storage can free up its internal memory to store critical apps and keep your phone running. Let’s look at some of the best, most affordable micro SD cards to help you out.

Note: Check your phone manual or the manufacturer’s website to ensure your phone can use certain micro SD cards. Some phones have maximum limits, usually set to 32 GB or 64 GB. Double-check before purchasing. Don’t have your phone’s manual anymore? Tap or click here for thousands of free manuals online.

SanDisk 128 GB ultra memory card

SanDisk is the king brand of removable storage, and this card shows it. Not only is it wildly affordable, but it includes an impressive 120 MB per second write speed.

Considering that most photographs range from 4 MB to 10 MB, depending on the quality of your camera, you can move hundreds of photos in a single minute. Depending on your device restrictions, you can choose versions of this card from 32 GB up to 1 TB.

Lexar 64 GB micro SD card

Lexar is known for making removable storage for photographers, so while the write speeds are a little lower than SanDisk at 100 MB per second, it’s more than enough for most smartphone file storage. That’s 6 GB a minute!

This micro SD card can be read over 1,500 times, giving it years of rigorous use before you need to worry about a replacement. Lexar offers card versions from 32 GB up to 512 GB with similar write speeds.

Samsung EVO select 256 GB memory card and adapter

I don’t know about you, but 256 GB is more than I’d even know what to do with a phone. Thankfully, this micro SD card can be used in cameras, the Nintendo Switch, tablets, and many other applications.

Samsung offers four different sizes, but the best part about the EVO is its 130 MB per second write speed. If you need that extra juice to migrate files and store your work, especially if you work with mobile, EVO is the gold standard.

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