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Kim Komando Today podcast: Matt’s list of cool products going viral

On the most recent Friday edition of Kim Komando Today, I shared products I’ve seen repeatedly on social media. Honestly, I want them all — and I know you will too.

If you try any of them out, let me know! Email

Simple solution to cutting boxes

Have a ton of cardboard boxes sitting in the garage? Cutting them up with a utility knife is a pain, and using scissors takes forever. This is the best of both worlds: cordless electric scissors. It will cut through those boxes like butter.

An innovative way to staple papers

Whenever I need to staple something, I realize I never bought staples. That’s why this stapleless stapler is so cool. It cuts a notch in your papers, then folds them together. You can “staple” up to five sheets. Plus, you will never need to buy staples again.

Convenient water bottle

Carrying a big, empty water bottle on a hike or a trip or to an amusement park stinks. This one folds up super small once it’s empty. Toss one in your suitcase or bag and bring it with you everywhere.

Genius slow cooker tool

I make a lot of meals in the slow cooker, and sometimes I wish I could make more than one thing at a time. This silicon divider makes that possible. It’s reusable and nonstick, which is a nice bonus.

Back scratcher for hard-to-reach spots

I’m not the most flexible person, and this back scratcher is the perfect way to get to those spots you can’t quite reach. This would make an excellent gift for almost everyone.

Fun for all ages

This magnetic drawing board is made for kids, but … I want one. You use a magnetic pen to draw around tiny metal beads. If you have kids, you’ll be happy for some mess-free art.

Great way to create more workspace

OK, this is awesome if you often work away from home or your desk space is minimal. It’s a full keyboard that folds up small enough to fit easily in a bag or even a big pocket.

Your kids will love this toy

Another one for the kids — or kids at heart. I got this hovering orb a while back, and it’s super fun for any age.

Great way to upgrade family movie night

Projectors don’t have to cost a lot. This one is super affordable and can project up to 170 inches. The sweet spot is 60 to 100 inches, which sounds ideal for backyard movie night.

Must-have kitchen tool

OK, this one is weird, but stick with me. I admit it: I eat straight from the pickle jar. But I don’t want juicy pickle fingers. This fork attaches to the side of the jar for easy pickle grabbing.

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