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mini lens cleaning wipes for smartphones, glasses and more

Mini lens cleaning cloths for your smartphone camera – say goodbye to blurry phone photos

You take a few pictures while out with friends, but the next day you notice something went wrong. All the photos are blurry. You made sure things were focused, and everything looked good on your end. What happened? Most of the time, it’s due to a dirty camera lens. Don’t worry. We have the perfect solution. Try these affordable cloths to keep your camera lens clean at all times.

ColorYourLife 20-pack of microfiber cleaning cloths

Screens are sensitive. ColorYourLife created this bulk pack of miniature microfiber cleaning cloths to prevent scratches and permanent damage. Microfiber picks up dust and helps lift debris without scratching LCD or LED screens, which is why they work wonders on eyeglasses and other optics.

You get 20 different colored cloths. They are small enough to tuck into a phone case or pocket, so you always have one with you. They’re also wide enough to quickly wipe down grease or debris from your phone screen before putting it back in your pocket.

Mini Skater 12 pack of microfiber eyeglass cloths

These are very basic cloths, but they get the job done. Mini Skater includes a dozen in this pack with a dimension of 6.8” by 5.7”. It’s enough to cover most phone screens for a quick, consistent clean.

While these are designed for eyeglasses, they work well on camera lenses. Look through your camera app while you wipe it down and see how quickly Mini Skater pulls debris and dust off your camera.

MagicFiber lens and screen microfiber cloths

MagicFiber includes six cloths with your purchase, mixing quality and quantity. With a surface area of 6” by 7”, it easily covers glasses, phone screens and camera lenses. Once quick wipe-down is all it takes to clear up that blurry camera shot.

Each cloth has its own sealed bag, so they don’t collect dust after you open the main package. These are safe to use on electronics, from LCD screens to LED monitors and beyond. MagicFiber doesn’t leave dust or oil behind and has a more premium feel to each cloth.

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