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lost car keys
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Never lose your keys again with these key trackers

There are few things as frustrating as not knowing where your keys are. You just had them five minutes ago. Now they’re missing. Apple fans have AirTags to prevent this issue, but what about Android people? With long-lasting Bluetooth trackers or remote trackers on your keyring, you won’t have to worry about losing your keys again. Simply use your smartphone to find them and save loads of time. It’s the most inexpensive, time-saving purchase you’ll make this year. These are our top picks.

Vodeson key and TV remote finder tags

Two tags and two buttons on a single remote. Vodeson makes it easy to track up to two keyrings (or remote controls if you’d prefer). These use CR2 batteries, which are included in your purchase. You have roughly one to two years’ worth of charge before replacing them.

You don’t even need an app for these. Simply follow the beeping sound after you press the button and look for the flashing lights. It’s the most senior-friendly key tag that you’ll find on this list or anywhere.

SIMJAR four-tag remote key finder system

Have one set of keys for the house, one for the car and one for work? No problem. SIMJAR has a four-tag system that is all connected to one single remote. Use the color-coded tags to attach to your keys or other objects, and you’re good to go.

You don’t need a phone app, just the remote control. These tags can respond to your remote up to 131 feet away.

Tile water-resistant Bluetooth key finder

What if you also lose the remote to your key tags? That would be a bummer. Thankfully, Tile is here to connect to your iOS or Android device and help find your keys from your smartphone. Open the app, tap the prompt to track your keys and begin your search.

Tile tags are water-resistant and help you find your keys up to 250 feet away. You don’t even have to replace the battery for up to three years, thanks to low power consumption. Tile is pricier, but the best option if you don’t also want to keep track of a remote control.

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